Educating a generation to rebuild the world

Activity Description


We’ve built a cutting edge program that puts the power to achieve the UN’s social development goals in the hands of students around the world. Our program, developed for the Open Society University Network (OSUN), remotely connects 100 students from 5 parts of the world to collaborate on innovative solutions to the globe’s most persistent problems. Our panel of social entrepreneurs from each country invites you to hear about this ongoing experiment, in which in any given week, students from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America (joined by Africa and Central America in the next cohort) can be found helping each other to launch new solutions to everything from medical wait times to educational opportunities for girls, from refugee safety to renewable energy. You’ll hear from social entrepreneurs who have become instructors, about the excitement and the challenges of bringing this to our respective regions. We’ll talk about what we’ve learned as we’ve collaborated to pass our experience launching social ventures to a generation hungry to do so themselves. We’ll showcase some of the participant-generated solutions, and discuss our experience with state-of-the-art tools like RebelBase that have made our collaboration possible. Panelists will not only share their own experience, but also engage audience questions about how you can bring these skills and collaborations to young people in your regions and communities. 

Participants will walk away with actionable tools for equipping and training a generation, and honest stories about the excitement and challenges we’ve faced during the pilot season. Our goal is to compare notes, learn from each other.  share the knowledge and learn from each other. Join us, and let’s discuss how to unleash the innovators in your midst. 



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