Founder of 'Sipp Talk Media


Mississippi native, Jasmine Williams, is a multi-hyphenate creative who’s mission is to connect the world through art, expression of words and experiences. Jasmine is a Creative Director, Culture Producer and Spacemaker who creates space, both digital and physical, to foster creativity and connectivity.  After graduating from The University of Mississippi in 2016 with a BA in Marketing and Corporate Relations, Jasmine found herself on a path to discover purpose. That journey led her to Austin, TX where she worked as Managing Director for an electronic music school. While in Austin, TX, she began yearning to know more about home. Learning more about the creative, inspiring, and deeply rooted history of Mississippi, this became the foundation of creating ‘Sipp Talk Media, a digital platform that seeks to change the narrative of Mississippi through cultural education, community, and positive content that centers the Black Mississippi experience. ‘Sipp Talk Media also partners with local creatives, artists, and organizations to creatively connect them to new and existing audiences through branded content, interactive + unique campaigns and events. 

Location: Mississippi Museum of Art  / Facebook live