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Activity Description


Dael Dervishi
Leadership Trainer
McCain Institute for International Leadership "The challenges of leadership in building sustainable communities".Dael Dervishi is the former Executive Director of the Albanian National Agency of Natural Resources and previously served as General Secretary for the Albanian Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Energy. He is a fellow of the McCain Institute, Washington, DC and has been working with the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas to reform the Albanian natural resources sector. Mr. Dervishi is an accredited leadership trainer with the McCain Institute.

Arbër Ambari
Erasmus+ Project Expert "European projects - a major impact on school development and excellent teaching for a great start in life"

Arbër Ambari- a 39-year-old English language and literature professor at high school, a Coordinator of European Projects Erasmus Plus, a Supervisor of Intercultural Exchange Project with Youth Program in Switzerland, an Ambassador of T4 World Education, Head of school's foreign languages active group, a guitar player, humanitarian activist and profesional hairdresser. He is also I-place ranked in national level in the European project Interweb Balkans to be held in Holland 2021. He is certified in 120 different fields including Microsoft, World Scholar's Cup, E-twinning, Peace Learning, Stem School Label, Code Week, School Education Gateway, Sport Education, Ministry of Education and Science, National Center of Development of Innovations, Global Action, Foundation Open Society, etc.