Developing and managing Innovation and Incubation Center: Live virtual tour to Watson Institute in Colorado, U.S.A

Activity Description

Watson Institute, U.S.A.  is the place for next generation entrepreneurial leaders who can find their community, discover their calling, and accelerate their careers. The Watson Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado was launched in 2013 to advance the ventures and careers of next generation, impact focused entrepreneurs. Through their initiatives, they have impacted over 150,000 lives all over the world. This virtual journey is designed to inform education policy makers to understand what facilities a global standard university entrepreneurship center should have. How they run, facilitate & what impacts it brings to create successful startups from university students. 

Speakers: Jeremy Wickenheiser, Executive Director at Watson Institute, USA and Asif U Ahmed,Asif U Ahmed, Assistant Professor at ULAB & Acting Director of EMK Center.