Startup Huddle Suzhou

Activity Description

Date & Time: November 20th 9:30-10:30 (Beijing time)

Registration link:

Two startups will participant this event and present their projects to potential investors:

  • "TSING TECH" AI-based Robotic Autonomous and Automotive Safety Testing System and High Precision MEMS Tire Pressure Sensor.

    TSING TECH’s AI and big data-based Robotic Testing system is including brake pedal robot, Steering robot, and intelligent high-speed mobile platform (3rd generation), as well as providing testing services and Solutions. The self-developed high precision MEMS Micro tire pressure sensor can reach a measurement accuracy of 0.01 bar which makes an order of magnitude compared with the traditional 0.1 bar tire pressure sensor.

  • “Chron”- Get paid when your flight is delayed for over 1 minute

    “Chron” is a blockchain-based flight delay Epimutuel™ service invented, developed and administered by EPIM Network located in Hangzhou China. Customers, who are actually taking the flights that they buy the service for, will be reimbursed with funds that are proportional to the delay time.