Global Entrepreneurship Week & Turquoise Horse Trails ‘Run a Business’ day.

Turquoise Horse Trails
Activity Description

An Exciting day awaits our four selected students interested in becoming the net generation of Pioneering Eco Tourist Operators. Nature and Beauty abound in Seychelles, and it is essential to instill Environmentally Friendly Ethical Business Practices into the future Tourism Leaders. The therapeutic and calming effects of horses and nature will stimulate the students to be Positive Contributors to our future Tourism Sector. 

Turquoise Horse Trails 0n Saturday 21st November 2020

Business Focus: Horse related Eco-Tourism activities with exceptional service and a personal touch. Emphasis on: Local culture, heritage, history, fauna and flora creating a ‘Bucket List’ experience.

‘Run a Business’ day Outcomes:

  1. Students have opportunity to host and entertain clients and share with them their passions and interest in nature and animals. Developing our new Eco-Ambassadors and Adventure Tour Operator specialists.
  2. Students will have opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes of a business, from taking bookings to record keeping and planning.
  3. Students will learn about horses, their needs, requirements and management in terms of wellbeing and living environment.
  4. Students will have a deeper understanding of Eco Tourism by learning how to apply Environmentally Friendly practices that ensure sustainability and promote Conservation.
  5. Confidence building, public speaking, decision making experiences and situations

Turquoise Horse Trails      " Leave only Hoofprints"