Instagram, TikTok ... for business?

Instagram, TikTok ... for business?
Activity Description

The number of companies that open an Instagram account and then don’t upload any content, or upload low quality, uninspiring content that’s been recycled from somewhere else – well, it’s kind of insane.

It screams: “I don’t understand Instagram. But as a channel, it’s too important to ignore.”

Instagram, and increasingly TikTok are too important to ignore for businesses. Join me on a journey into why these platforms matter for your bottom line, and how you can slot your brand seamlessly onto them.

Here’s what we'll cover

  1. How to establish a strong brand presence on Instagram
  2. How to get followers on Instagram for free
  3. Should you pay for followers on Instagram?
  4. Best-in-class examples of B2B companies using Instagram
  5. The best time to post on Instagram
  6. Multinational companies: tips for using Instagram
  7. Quick tips to help employees create amazing user-generated content