Innovation Chat: Kristen Holmes, WHOOP, Justin Roethlingshoefer, Shift HP


We'll discuss a number of things including:

1. The story behind WHOOP's success

2. How wearables can improve health and athletic/business performance

3. State of the healthtech sector and how COVID has affected it

4. Advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders

5. Answers to your questions

As Vice President of Performance Science at WHOOP, Kristen Holmes drives thought leadership by engaging with industry leading researchers and partners to better understand individual and team biometric and performance data across high stakes verticals.

Kristen also works with hundreds of the best tactical, professional, surgical teams, and NCAA Athletes/Teams in the world helping them interpret WHOOP data to optimize training, recovery, and sleep behavior.


Justin has 15+ years in the Sport Performance, Sport Science, Health, Nutrition & Fitness field. He spent the first 12 years honing his craft as a performance and recovery specialist for various teams in the NCAA, NHL, AHL, and developed a prestigious camp called The Hockey Summit where professional hockey players would come and level up using the data backed and personalized systems to optimize themselves for the season.

Two years ago Justin took his systems and tactics to some of the most powerful CEOs in the world to be able to optimize their bodies and minds using data, DNA and metrics, to help them play their game and not the gurus. He has written three books on mindset, body development & fitness that have been Amazon best sellers for their category.

His ability to take complex strategies and turn them into simple processes is highlighted in his work. His passion has always been to help people. Justin has devised a plan that I want to share with the world, directly or through others.