Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 Kirkuk

Activity Description

The conference is organized by Kokar Foundation and in cooperation with the Vim Foundation in  Kirkuk city, where we are looking forward to wide participation of educational institutions,  companies, profitable and non-profitable institutions to crystallize ideas that contribute to providing  job opportunities for university graduates and support the establishment of small projects that  contribute to the economic development of Kirkuk, and Iraq 

. In general, the conference focuses on investing in agriculture, renewable energy, community  entrepreneurship projects, and women's participation in entrepreneurship. 

About Kokar: 

The Kokar Foundation for Sustainable Development and Volunteering is an independent and  diverse organization. It was founded in Kirkuk on June 16, 2016, by individuals who believe in  civil society activities. The Foundation aims to promote peace and find local solutions for the  community in Kirkuk and Iraqi Kurdistan. 

By cooperating with community leaders and stakeholders in government institutions, Kokar aims to  help the community play its role in solving its problems, sharing its ideas, and engaging people  from different backgrounds on issues that concern the local community. Since its founding, Kokar  has successfully completed more than 100 activities involving more than 1000 volunteers and  community members. 

Event objectives: 

The event aims to present the opportunities available in the field of entrepreneurship, such as  financing and training, as well as introducing the community to the benefits of entrepreneurship  through various activities and motivating them to explore their entrepreneurial ideas. And the  participation of leading private sector companies in providing training and development programs  for youth. 

The forum includes the following activities and opportunities: 

An exhibition for emerging companies and handicrafts 

An excellent opportunity for graduates and those looking for training sources, funding for small  projects, and public advocacy for all 

The opportunities to participate in an exhibition of Iraqi and foreign companies Musical performance by the Kokar Musical band. 

Supporting the activity by local companies, international and local organizations to display their  products and obtaining the following privileges: Putting the company logo in the halls and theater  corridors and publishing on the official page of the event in Kirkuk, as well as involving the  company or institution in future projects and plans. 

Two free training sessions will be held for university graduates.

10:00-10:30 GEW Kirkuk - Kick off 

10:30-11:00 Live music Kokar band 

11:00-12:00 First Panel: Building entrepreneurship culture in Kirkuk
Dr. Sabah Uok 
Ahmed Najm
Mohammed Habeb

12:00-13:00 Second-panel: corporate social responsibility and sustainable development 
Ibrahim Darwesh
Hawre Hashim

Dr. Omer Omer MAMO 

13:00-14:00 Lunch 

14:00-15:00 Third panel: Technology and Renewable energy in Agriculture
Haji abbas
Srawa rauf 
Mohammed Essa

15:00-16:00 Women Entrepreneurship
Aysha umeed
Srwa Rauf


14:00-15:00 Starting your small Business 
Trainer Farman & Farhad 

15:00-16:00 Coding For Entrepreneurs 
Mogammed Essa