Creating one connected data-driven ecosystem & best practices from the Balkan region

Activity Description

The data driven platform embodies the digitalisation process of the state startup ecosystem. Its creation has sprung from the 2018 nation-wide research of the startup ecosystem done by Startup Macedonia board. The data-centric startup platform is envisioned to be a transparent and open information hub about the holistic ecosystem progress, events calendar, and as a place to find individual profiles of startups, organizations, investors, and mentors; with a goal to strengthen and empower development of the Macedonian startup ecosystem.

Startup Macedonia has a strong conviction via the platform to encourage the creation of new companies by educating entrepreneurs and help them connect with relevant talent pool, as well as mentors. Also, improve growth of established companies with the supporting BSOs and partners to connect and match-make with investors and mentors, in order to improve ecosystem growth and sustainability. The platform will work to improved growth of startups, new job creation and increased investments and revenue across the ecosystem. Above all, the data driven platform is to ease the access to finance of the new and established companies by connecting them to investors, and other regional and international financial networks and tool and education to improve their business knowledge. The data collection and management in the startup platform follows Startup Commons’ startup framework which encompasses specific services per phases of development of startups.

Sharing the best practices from the Balkan region would enable stakeholders greater perspective over the development of the inherent ecosystem and opportunities to connect and achieve cross-border cooperation.

During this event, the GEW Host Startup Macedonia will present the digital platform made in cooperation with USAID and Swisscontact, thus ecosystem key players from other Balkan countries will share their experiences. The agenda follows:

16.30 – 17.00 Reception & Networking

Opening Remarks
17.00 – 17.05 Welcoming Notes and Introduction of GEW North Macedonia by Simona Chaminska
17.05 – 17.10 Welcoming Notes and Introduction of the digital platform by Igor Madzov
17.10 – 17.15 Remarks by Mr. Erik Janowsky, USAID North Macedonia Country Representative
17.15 – 17.20 Remarks by Mr Stephane Tomagian, Deputy Head of Mission - Embassy of Switzerland

Panel Discussion: Why is data-driven ecosystem a must & what are the best practices from the Balkan region?
17.20 – 17.35 Introduction to the Digital Platform by Dejan Aleksov, President of Startup Macedonia

Erkens Gjini, Entrepreneurs Ecosystem Enabler, EU for Innovation Albania

Celik Nimani, CEO of Frakton, Kosovo
Milos Matic, ICT Hub Serbia
Janet Todorova, Expansion Manager at the Founders Institute, from Bulgaria
Alema Pelesic, Startup Grind Sarajevo, from Bosnia and Herzegovina
18.25 – 18.55 Q & A Session
18.55 – 19.00 Closing Remarks by Moderator Igor Madzov from Startup Macedonia

19.00 – 20.00 Reception & Cocktail

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