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Boot Camp to boost skills of Omani entrepreneurs

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Offering an excellent platform to empower and develop Omani entrepreneurs, the National Business Centre (NBC), which falls under the umbrella of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), will host an Entrepreneurs Boot Camp from November 16 to 20, 2014 at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM).

"This event, which is in line with the global entrepreneurship week, aims at preparing entrepreneurs for the upcoming stages on their journey to create a successful start-up. NBC is continuing to educate youths from universities and colleges in Oman to participate in the boot camp before the application deadline on November 9, 2014 via the website www.nbcoasis500.com," said Malak Al Shaibani, director general of the National Business Centre.

To instil best practices, the NBC has partnered with Oasis 500 in Jordan to run the boot camp in Oman.

The applications will be evaluated and interviews will be conducted to select the best ideas.

The boot camp aims at promoting entrepreneurship by selecting the best ideas from a group of 60 entrepreneurs.

Oasis 500 is recognised globally for conducting specialised training boot camps for budding entrepreneurs.

Malak Al Shaibani added, "Since its launch, NBC has contributed in activating a number of incubated projects through the offered facilities, consultation services and guidance. The centre, in cooperation with global expertise in the field, organises workshops and training courses for the incubated companies.

In addition, the centre has signed a number of MoUs to support these companies, among which are agreements guaranteeing access to financial support (loans) with competitive advantages from various government and private organisations and initiatives."

The National Business Centre makes constant efforts to train entrepreneurs and equip them with the skills to succeed in their careers.

"One of these initiatives is the monthly event of Reyooq which aims at presenting a platform for Omani entrepreneurs to network with experts, and learn about entrepreneurship and creative ideas for their businesses," she said.

NBC cooperates closely with the organisations that support SMEs including SAS Centre which is affiliated with Information Technology Authority (ITA), Public Authority for SME Development, Al Rafd Fund, Fund for Development of Youth Projects, Bank Muscat, among other institutions. Currently, the centre comprises 14 incubated companies specialised in a variety of fields.

During the next phase, the centre will emphasise in expanding the allocated space to embrace start-ups in addition to providing office space to activate student projects in collaboration with the institutions concerned with student ideas and projects.

NBC is an initiative launched by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates at KOM to offer promising Omani entrepreneurs a platform to develop their innovative business ideas and nurture them into growing ventures.

The centre attempts to become the premier platform for entrepreneurs by providing business development support and guidance, training and mentoring, access to markets and industry experts, and fully equipped facilities.


This story was originally published on Times of Oman.

The National Business Center is the official GEW country host in Oman.