GEW 2015: Student Shelter In Computers Empowers Female Students
18 Dec 2015

During the Global Entrepreneurship week (GEW), Student Shelter In Computers organized a number of events in Government colleges for women in Lahore. These events were organized with the aim of empowering young females and to motivate them to start thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. Student Shelter In Computers aimed to reverse the negative social conditioning that stops women from taking the kind of risks that come from becoming an entrepreneur.  The events were planned to inspire women to find their own voice that would help them become successful entrepreneurs. Female students were taught that leadership means not only bettering oneself but also the lives of others. Success or failure is not determined by one’s gender but rather by one’s abilities. Finally, students were reminded to learn from the mistakes of others as it will save them from learning many lessons the hard way. 

Kashif Khan

Founder, IEC (

Former lawyer and an academician, trainer, coach, community activist, Entrepreneurship advocacy activist and practitioner.

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