Data Analytics Seminar

This innovative and one of a kind workshop will provide you with easy to implement strategies to increase your effectiveness in decision- making. While most people have an idea of what analytics is: data, analysis, metrics, and business intelligence are just the start... it is an abstract concept that is difficult to summarize in a sentence or two. Most business leaders know that they need more analytics-based decision making in their operations, however, few have figured out how to obtain it as analytics software or engaging high priced consultants doesn't suffice. This is where we come in. Daniel Meyer spent 15 years as an analyst with Wells Fargo Bank in the US, has combined that practical experience with his educational background; has a master’s degree in education, and developed an innovative training approach to analytics. DMAIPH specializes in a variety of analytics training solutions including ones designed for call center managers, recruiters, HR professionals, fresh grads, and analysts.