Activity Description


For the last two years, AdSpark has continuously spearheaded conventions for the advocacy of elevating Filipino Small & Medium Enterprises through Digital Marketing. Entrepreneurs and industry experts gather to share practical insights on how businesses can keep up with an ever-changing mobile and digital landscape.

2019 is a year of breakthroughs. This year, Google together with AdSpark, with the full support of DTI-Cebu, team up to provide a more comprehensive discussion on digital and mobile marketing through Digitize Cebu: Empowering SMEs through Digital Marketing.

This coming November 30, 2019, entrepreneurs from around the region will come together to learn from certified industry experts.

Learn about the latest trends in digital and mobile.
Find out how your business can effectively surf the waves of technology.
Practical and valuable insights spanning digital advertising, mobile executions, social media strategies, and most especially e-commerce.