GEW Philippines 2019: Innovate, Connect, and Change the World
20 Nov 2019


More than a week from now, the biggest celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week is happening in the Philippines. Universities and colleges are excited to participate in this week-long celebration that will start from November 18 to 23. The purpose of this event is to celebrate global entrepreneurship, engage entrepreneurs in resources and education and connect to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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The Global Entrepreneurship Week Philippines 2019 will be hosted by GEN Philippines is going to be the biggest and the brightest celebration, as it has gathered partners from the entrepreneurship community comprised of associations and universities to celebrate this week-long event. There will be different GEW events that will happen in Manila City, Quezon City, Pasig City, and other parts of the country. Startups, Creators, and young entrepreneurs will be featured in the event.


Keep tabs on the activities for this week:



Launching Ceremony of GEN Philippines

The launching ceremony of GEN Philippines. It is a kick-off event to start the GEW and also to launch the GEN in the Philippines. It is a small gathering of makers and creators, startups, social and young entrepreneurs in the country.



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The event will focus on showcasing the talents of Student Entrepreneurs in innovation and entrepreneurship and bring together bright minds to give talks that are an idea, idealization, and sustainability-focused to foster learning, inspiration. It aims to contribute economically in the society of today and provoke conversations that matter in the field of business and enterprise.


Pitch Perfect: Finding Your Pitching Style

3:00 PM- 5:00 PM - QBO Innovation Hub, Makati City

One of the early challenges that startup founders face is pitching their product. In this workshop, participants will be exposed to various pitch approaches to help them find the right style for their startup.



2050 FEST

It is the ultimate final pitching and culminating event for the Impact 2050 program.

Impact Hub Manila is a global network co-founded by Ces Rondario in 2015 and sets itself up as an incubation hub focused on purpose-driven entrepreneurs whose venture ideas have the potential to impact the lives of Filipinos at large scale.

Respectable speakers and juries from startup, private, and government sectors will be present during the event.


Locally–fied, Far Eastern University

A bazaar for local non-food business.



Enabling the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Miriam College

Startup Nations Policy Hack is a global policy platform dedicated to providing its members with opportunities for policy design, experimentation, and knowledge exchange that lead to policy implementation. 



Coffee Talk: Creative and Conscious Entrepreneurship

Ayala North Exchange, Makati City

3:00PM – 5:00PM

Coffee Talk is a community meetup for entrepreneurs who are looking to engage in insightful conversations about their work. For the Philippine Startup Week edition of Coffee Talk, outstanding creative and social entrepreneurs are invited to share about what it takes to run a sustainable business while being mindful of the impact it creates in society.

This event is organized by The Spark Project in partnership with Clock In by Ayala Land Offices, US Embassy of the Philippines, and the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI).



Startup Huddle Manila

that has been currently taken place in Bangladesh, Australia, India, Canada and many more. It is a program designed to build and strengthen local entrepreneurship ecosystems by helping one entrepreneur at a time by huddling with other entrepreneurs in different industries to share his business challenges and crowdsourcing solutions from participants. It is based on the notion that the best way for entrepreneurs to discover solutions to the challenges they face is through purposeful engagement with one another. This program aims to have an intimate engagement with co-entrepreneurs to have an entrepreneurial ecosystem that aims to help one another. 



Creative Business Cup Pitching Competition, FEU Manila Auditorium

Creative Business Cup Pitching Competition is a competition showcasing creative business venture products, services, and prototypes. This event provides actual venture products that can create market awareness, product testing/acceptance as well as possible angel investors.


Global Entrepreneurship Week Summit

It is the weekend event of GEW and it is an inspirational keynote conference that celebrates lessons in failures in entrepreneurship. This event’s main goal is to recognize and bring into a sphere that all successes in business today have been influenced by lessons from mistakes and disappointments of an entrepreneur.

Participate in one of the biggest events for the Startup Community. Come and celebrate with us during the Global Entrepreneurship Week. See you there!

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