UNDERSTAND | November 21, 2019

From Startups to ScaleUps: a Nigerian Policy Dialogue

Photo Credit: Fate Foundation

On November 21, the FATE Foundation hosted its fifth Policy Dialogue Series on Entrepreneurship themed “From Startups to Scaleups”. This was held in Lagos, Nigeria as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, in partnership with the Citi Foundation, GEN Nigeria and Verraki.

The FATE Foundation's annual Policy Dialogue is the second pillar in the FATE Foundation's approach to enabling the entrepreneurship ecosystem through research, policy dialogue and policy advocacy. At the event, Amaka Nwaokolo, Head of Research & Policy, shared insights derived from the Foundation's research over the year reviewing inhibitors and enablers of business scaleup activities in Nigeria. The full report will be published in a few weeks and disseminated globally via the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN).

The Foundation's research arm hopes to address the lack of evidence and data to accompany effective policy making and review at national and subnational levels. This is expected to further enhance resources and investments to further enable the operating environment for entrepreneurs and also provide data on how best to support businesses to grow. In attendance at the event were entrepreneurship stakeholders from government, private sector academia and media.

The Policy Dialogue also featured a video message from Prof. Daniel Isenberg highlighting the importance of focusing the entrepreneurship dialogue on "real growth", meaning on more and more companies bringing prosperity, employment, innovation and wealth. This differs from the much narrower (yet common) perspective of mere growth in shareholder value. "Celebrate and focus conversations on growth that increases revenues, profitability and productivity," Prof. Isenberg recommended.


Adenike Adeyemi is a development sector professional with 17 years of experience in non-profit management, enterprise development… About the author