Policy Developments Across the Globe: August 2019
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12 Sep 2019

Each month, Startup Nations, a global network of public sector officials and policy advisors focused on stimulating new firm formation, brings you a summary of recent policy developments. Below are the updates since our last post in July 2019, in country alphabetical order. 


Australia’s global talent scheme: from pilot to permanent program

Immigration Minister David Coleman announced that Australia's global talent pilot scheme will become a permanent feature of the country's migration framework, a decision supported by the Startup Advisory Panel, chaired by GEN member Alex McCauley of the StartupAUS advocacy organization. The news came to the surprise of some ecosystem stakeholders who saw mixed results in the pilot: of the total of 23 businesses that signed up, the majority were established businesses, and just five were startups. Optimistic stakeholders, however, argue this measure is a positive step for young technology startups. Policy tweaks can unlock the scheme's full potential, they argue, such as reducing the application fees which can reach $10,000 and can be prohibitive for startups.

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Startup Act advances to the Brazilian Congress

Since Brazilian public and private stakeholders gathered with global peers to work on the draft Startup Act at the 2018 Policy Hack, local Startup Nations members such as Igor Nazareth from the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, and Felipe Matos from the civil sector advocacy organization Dinamo, have been working towards alignment with members of Congress and various Ministries in order to facilitate the legislative project's political approval and implementation. The topic seems to a priority for both Congress and the Executive Branch of government, which just completed a public consultation, and it is now ready for Congress to debate it.


Chile launches specialized accelerator

Startup Nations member Tadashi Takaoka from the Entrepreneurship Office at Chile's Production Development Corporation (Corfo) has recently announced that the entity is collaborating with the in-country office of non-profit Socialab to offer Socialab Ventures, a new accelerator seeking to bridge the gap for startups that have already gained some traction and product-market fit. Corfo has committed to underwrite the accelerator's operations for up to three years via its fund for corporate accelerators.

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Ghana to train 2,000 women in business skills by the end of 2019 

Business Development Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, announced in August that his Ministry will provide business training to vulnerable female heads of household locally referred as the ‘kayayei’, as part of the national entrepreneurship policy. He explained that the overall goal of the government’s entrepreneurship policy is to support economic growth through the development of entrepreneurship and innovation programs that create more jobs, generate more income, and help to reduce poverty.

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The 7th StartUp Peru generation graduates with announcement of new venture capital fund

Startup Nations member Gonzalo E. Villaran of the Innovate Peru office at the Ministry of Production informed that in the latest cohort, the Startup Peru program received 950 applications, of which 85 were selected. All seven cohorts to date add up to more than 500 beneficiaries of this initiative which provides finance, and forges collaboration and coordination among startups, incubators, accelerators, and investment funds.  Innovate Peru is also proud to be part of the launch of a new venture capital fund (USD 25 million), with a USD 1.7 million grant towards the fund's management.


Uruguay debuts 'Proyecta Uruguay' program to attract high-growth, dynamic companies to the country

In September, Uruguay’s National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII) led by Startup Nations member Sara Goldberg, launched a call for foreign startups to take part of a three-stage acceleration program. The program's goals are to identify, attract, accelerate and fund innovative companies capable of expanding internationally.  Upon completing the pre-acceleration and acceleration phases in Uruguay, participating startups are eligible to apply for up to USD 400,000 if they choose to install their headquarters in Uruguay.

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