Matt Smith Joins GEN as Director for Research and Policy
Photo Credit: Matt Smith, Director for Research and Policy at GEN
Smith has worked at the heart of the UK’s world-leading entrepreneurial ecosystem for 13 years and will lead GEN's work with governments worldwide.
30 Jun 2021

The Global Entrepreneurship Network has further bolstered its research and policy team by recruiting entrepreneurship policy expert Matt Smith

Smith has worked at the heart of the UK’s world-leading entrepreneurial ecosystem for 13 years, first as co-founder of student entrepreneur charity NACUE and most recently as co-founder and Director for Research and Policy at the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) - a UK-based entrepreneurship foundation.  

With CFE, Smith has been active in GEN Policy’s Startup Nations community and has served as an advisor to GEN UK. He has published policy-focused research on a wide range of topics including seaside town revival, ex-prisoner rehabilitation, small firm procurement and military entrepreneurship. His reports on university incubators and refugee entrepreneurs led to the creation of best-practice communities, the latter of which now connects refugee entrepreneurship organizations across 28 countries. Smith also has experience translating research into practice, working with the UK government to pilot and scale entrepreneurship programs supporting prisoners and refugees.

In 2016, Smith helped launch the European Startup Network and has also served on the board of the National Enterprise Network since 2020 - connecting enterprise support organizations across the UK.  

"Matt has been a member of the GEN community for many years and we have admired his work in Europe," said Jonathan Ortmans, founder and president of GEN. "We are proud he will be joining our global team at a critical time when governments are auditing and reassessing policies to accelerate new firm formation in their economies.”

Smith joins the team as its Director for Research and Policy, working with Cristina Fernandez, Vice President for Research and Policy, while remaining as a Senior Fellow at CFE. 

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