About GEN Policy

GEN Policy works to help build better policies for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to break down barriers for current and potential entrepreneurs. We draw on the analysis from knowledge partners focused on unearthing the most effective ways in which local and national governments can empower entrepreneurs in their economies and increase rates of new firm formation, as well as from the collective experience of startup-savvy policy officials across 80 countries - the Startup Nations policy community. 

Together with public sector officers, policymakers, advocacy organizations and knowledge partners, we work on finding approaches that can address a range of policy and regulatory barriers. From improving policy design to addressing implementation challenges, we provide a platform and knowledge hub for diagnostic analysis, exchange of experiences, best-practice sharing, and advice on public policies.

GEN Policy is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, a year-round platform of programs and initiatives engaging more than 160 countries while creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem.


GEN Policy Principles 

  • Smarter policymaking: GEN Policy works year-round to unearth better evidence and tools for smarter policymaking and programming to support and strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems.
  • Knowledge- and experience-sharing among members: GEN Policy convenes startup-savvy policy officials to enable them to tap each other’s knowledge about experimental results and make models available for replication by other locations.
  • Fostering evidence-based policy approaches: Startup Nations members believe they will be more effective when informed and armed by efforts such as the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN), not to mention the wide array of other Kauffman Foundation, World Bank, and OECD research and programming.


Who We Serve 

GEN Policy is dedicated to serving the Startup Nations policy community, composed of public sector officials and policy advisors with responsibility over entrepreneurship policies. 

Guided by a steering committee of cabinet-level government leaders from across all continents, GEN Policy offers government representatives a platform for sharing ideas and local experiences in implementing programs, enacting regulatory changes and using other policy levers to unleash growth entrepreneurship.

GEN Policy gathers Startup Nations members an annual summit (the Startup Nations Summit), an annual cabinet-level government Ministerial (the Startup Nations Ministerial), and by supporting regular opportunities to engage in productive conversations (the Startup Nations Policy Dialogues).

We also work year-round to channel the voice of entrepreneurs on barriers, document government's efforts via the GEN Atlas, to offer innovative tools for policy design (e.g. the GEN Policy Hack), and to channel knowledge gaps to researchers.