The Heros Game

Activity Description

Allow yourself to explore the universe of human relationships in the footsteps of the hero - YOU!

Based on the work of several authors, especially Joseph Campbell, you will find stories that will help you in your daily challenges.

In this perspective we understand human relations as a story being told both individually and collectively. A story both authorial and collaborative. These stories are deeply related to the myths, and according to Campbell "We do not even have to risk the adventure alone, because the heroes of all times have already been ahead of us. The maze is already known, just follow the footsteps of the hero. "

Following Campbell's thinking, the myths tell stories that can aid us in the development of our day-to-day dramas and tragicomies.

When we think of the hero, we think of the one who acts, the main character in that act (after all a story can have several protagonists), we think of ourselves and our daily lives.

With all this we have a vast territory to be explored. And from this exploration are born the services and products of the Game of the Hero. Therefore, in a simplified way, we can think of the Hero Game as an experience (with varied formats) of self-knowledge and stimulation of insights.

The initiative is free but requires registration.