Profiles From 2014

The 2014 ‘GEW 50’

Each year, Global Entrepreneurship Week recognizes some of the most promising new startups from around the world through its Startup Open competition. This year, founders (and founder teams) from 38 countries submitted more than 600 startups for consideration.

A panel of judges has identified the following “GEW 50” startups as finalists and one grand prize winner will be announced during Global Entrepreneurship Week. That winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Milan, Italy, for the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Congress. Other prizes include a free stay at the GEW House in Kansas City’s Startup Village and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs through the EO network.

The ‘GEW 50’ is made up of startups from 19 countries. 64 percent of the startups are from outside of the United States. The countries with multiple startups represented are: United States (18), United Kingdom (5), India (4), Israel (3), China (3), Canada (3) and Denmark (2). The following countries had one startup listed: Australia, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania and Sweden.

Brea, USA
Echo Chang

AgeSafe revolutionizes the personal emergency response system (PERS) industry. Current prevalent PERS devices provide a false sense of safety for seniors living alone. With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day and 85 and above being the fastest growing age group in the world, the need for a better safety monitoring and assistance device is real. AgeSafe is a non-wearable automatic accident monitoring and assistance system for seniors, which requires no effort on the part of the user – accidents and immobility are automatically detected and assistance dispatched. The system is not camera-based, therefore is non-intrusive and privacy protected, and permits caregivers to monitor care recipients’ daily activities through mobile devices, even though they are thousand miles apart.

Sheffield, United Kingdom
Giles Moore

Airstoc is a dedicated marketplace for the professional drone-filming industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Airstoc showcases and sells Ultra HD aerial stock footage and provides bespoke filming-by-drone anywhere in the world. We are the one-stop-shop for all aerial requirements, where customers can capture or purchase consistently high quality footage, at a price to suit all budgets in an efficient manner.

Atikus Insurance
New York, USA
Katherine Woska 

Atikus will expand access to capital to qualified yet under-served individuals by providing comprehensive credit insurance for commercially-purposed loans in the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) markets. Atikus posits that providing comprehensive credit insurance to lenders will enable them to better leverage their current capital to extend a greater number of loans, thereby increasing the number and scope of borrowers receiving capital. In an effort to maximize operational efficiency and minimize the need for traditional brick-and-mortar infrastructure, Atikus’ on-the-ground underwriting process will be operated entirely on mobile tablet devices.

Cork, Ireland
Olive O’Driscoll

 Over 2 million tympanostomy tube (ear tube) procedures are carried out globally each year. It is the most common reason children undergo surgery and general anesthesia with the majority being less than 7 years old. The procedure creates anxiety for children and their families due to the risks associated with general anesthesia. AventaMed has come up with a solution to allow the procedures to be carried out in the doctor’s office, without general anesthesia. AventaMed’s proprietary V-tube device is an all-in-one, single use, disposable surgical instrument with a pre-loaded tympanostomy tube at the tip. The device eliminates the need for multiple surgical instruments and reduces the total procedure time from 30 minutes to 2 minutes. There is a large demand for the V-Tube device by surgeons, patients and health care providers because it is safer, of lower cost and more convenient than the current multi-instrument, operating room procedure.

B2B2C Sports Bookings
Middlesex, United Kingdom
Kumar Hindocha

B2B2C Sports Booking is a live booking website that ensures value and convenience for sport participation. Recreational use of facilities covers public and private sectors, and yet a report by the Football Association stated that every single one of the 18,000 pitches available for public hire in the UK revealed a massive 30 percent operating waste despite there being enough customers to satisfy a fully booked schedule. The B2B2C solution has straight-to-market appeal, and the fact that it is cost neutral for facilities lends weight behind the campaign to improve sport at grassroots level in one centralized place.

Be Assured
Halmstad, Sweden
Alban Qitaku

In Sweden, 100,000 people fall victim to human error each year resulting in 3,000 fatalities. Be Assured exists to provide pharmaceutical and medical information in a simple and powerful digital format, thus enabling nurses, doctors and caregivers to administer the right medicine at the right time. Be Assured’s mission is simple: save lives in the healthcare industry.

BioBots Inc.
Philadelphia, USA
Eric Wamakima

Over the past several decades, scientists have learned how to engineer life – from the production of antimalarial drugs to the building of artificial tracheas and bladders, it is clear that biology is the next frontier for manufacturing, and that the amazing products of the biological revolution are coming. BioBots is bringing biology into the 21st century by building high resolution, easy-to-use 3D bio printers and biomaterial cartridges that are accessible to both researchers at the frontier of regenerative medicine and ordinary people, or bio hackers. Biobots is a novel extrusion process that addresses the previous technical hurdles of 3D bio printing, as well as a biomaterial cartridge system that allows untrained users to use this revolutionary technology.

Austin, USA
Christopher Gilbert

BlueField (formerly known as GreenWest) is a company that uses new technology as a source of crude oil production for the United States. It brings innovation to the energy sector by returning discarded plastic products to their original form: oil. The quantity of oil produced is significant enough to equal up to 50 oil wells.

Haifa, Israel
Ziv Lautman

BreezoMeter is changing the way people interact with the world, by providing them with the resources needed to make informed choices about what environments they inhabit. BreezoMeter is a big-data analytics platform that allows the gathering of data from thousands of air monitoring sensors worldwide and provides a real time, location-based map of air pollution levels at the street level. Breezometer uses a unique algorithm (cutting edge air pollution dispersion models and analytics) that understands how air pollution disperses through time and space in real time. Therefore, users can plan daily activities (i.e. running routes), track air quality wherever they are, and get real time air pollution notifications for important locations together with personalized health recommendations.

Hong Kong, China
Edward Cheng

Cloud and mobile technology are ideal for team collaboration, but while there are many tools available, the information they manage do not connect to one another. As a result, team work and team ideas fail to flow and develop as a continuous stream of efforts. This results in a “Connectivity Deficit” in businesses.
Collabris is both viral and addictive. Using a publish-and-subscribe technology and a patented object modeling and data unification technology, it unifies multiple types of conversations onto a common platform, and through presence and event notifications, draws team members together to build synergy in a joint project ranging from organizing a reunion or a wedding party, to fostering a startup company or opening a retail store.

Colorblind Design
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Adis Ozuna

Colorblind Design is a company dedicated to architecture design and specialized construction of spaces for people with any sort of disability. Services range from architectural design consultation, planning spaces and supervision to constructing the necessary infrastructure for people with disabilities. Colorblind Design seeks to capture a niche market with great potential by presenting space solutions enabling the development of people with disabilities.

DeYrd Audio Technology
Boulder, USA
Paul Morgan

DeYrd (“de-wired”) is a wireless audio device company developing technology that enables a whole new world of localized, social, wireless audio consumption. Today, the wireless audio experience is incredibly limited by its reliance on Bluetooth as a transmission protocol. DeYrd provides liberation to the wireless audio world with a patent pending audio system and proprietary transmission protocol that empowers users to have an uninhibited, high-quality, long-range, social audio experience. With DeYrd audio beacons and receivers, users will be able to achieve all of these enhancements without needing to scrap their old pair of wireless headphones. Use deYrd audio devices to discover new music from those you are around, share your music with your friends and the world, and never feel burdened by wires or audio devices again while you do the things you love.

Driven Analytics, Inc.
Moore, USA
Stephen Soroosh

Driven Analytics uses connected car technology to better target car owners on behalf of dealerships, all the while reducing the anxiety associated with routine car maintenance for drivers. Using advanced algorithms and a data transmission device installed on new cars by the dealership, Driven Analytics provide a highly targeted marketing platform that allows dealers to advertise maintenance services to their customers exactly when they need them. Once a vehicle is sold, Driven Analytics monitors the vehicle’s systems and provide the car owner with actionable maintenance information via a smartphone app, text or email. Information includes details about the needed service, as well as discounts and coupons based on their needs. Coupons are designed to bring customers back to the car dealership that sold them their car, increasing customer retention for the dealership, ultimately leading to future sales.

Paris, France

Robert Harfouche
Efiester is a connected social networking web platform that offers innovative services that facilitates the organization of parties and any kind of festive event. Efiester simplifies managing invitations, effectively handles cost-sharing among participants, allows guests to see what has already been ordered, frees the party host from having to collect money, as guests can contribute online, and offers delivery service, which eliminates the need for party supply shopping trips. Furthermore, through a partnership with, participants are able to create a party playlist which allows them to access the music libraries of Deezer, Soundcloud and Spotify.

Waterloo, Canada
Kyle Collier

Eve is the first and only way to discover and experience the best local nightlife. Its proprietary VenueMeter™ illustrates what venues are most popular in real-time. Upon arrival, purchasing an EveTab™ at the venue allows the customer to skip the line, obtain free entrance and redeem 100 percent of their bar tab value directly from their mobile device.

Amirim, Israel
Lena Levin

The FasTouch fixation system is intended for fixation of prosthetic material to soft tissues in various minimally invasive and open surgical procedures such as hernia repairs. FasTouch delivers uniquely designed suture-like fasteners that mimics traditional sutures by providing a closed and locked fixation loop around the mesh and the tissue. It provides superior fixation strength while minimizing the amount of implanted foreign body. FasTouch has been designed to provide the surgeon with a tool to assist with standard of care procedures, while adapting the suture-like tacks during the operation based on individual characteristics of the patent, to be compatible with standard laparoscopic instrumentation and to be incorporated side by side with the techniques currently employed.

Flowing Power
Chengdu, China
Bing Du

The global electric power industry is evolving from a financial and engineering model that relies on large centralized power plants owned by the utilities to one that is more diverse – both in sources of generation and ownership of the generation assets. Flowing Power seeks to increase the need for distributed power.

Food Saver App
Chelmsford, United Kingdom
John Bernardes

The Food Saver App is tool to help people plan their future meals and utilize the food they already own. By planning their diet, the user will buy less food and end up wasting substantially less. The app is a social tool that will build community, reduce food waste, save the users money and have a positive effect on the environment.

Cary, USA
Jennifer Wu

FreshSpire is an effective and consumer-friendly application program that functions as a notification system for consumers, informing them of discounted and near-expiring or cosmetically imperfect goods at local grocery stores. Grocery stores mark down expiring produce approximately twice daily, but do not have a way to advertise the daily discounts to consumers. FreshSpire promotes availability of nutritious produce to customers tracking their budget, diminishes the amount of food destined for landfills, and minimizes the profit that is consequently lost by grocers when fresh food inventories are not sold before expiration all while engaging both grocers and consumers in local communities.

Wilmington, USA
David Pensak 

A new technology based on arrays of small neodymium magnets has been developed which is revolutionizing the fashion industry. The technology can make it appear that garments are exempt from the laws of gravity, they can be more adjustable to changes in the wearer’s body and lifestyle, they will last longer because traditional spots of wear are eliminated and they will be less expensive to manufacture. The technology can also be used to provide better protection to patients who are recovering from illness or injury and can protect people who are delivering healthcare by making it virtually impossible for seams to open up or garments to slip, thereby exposing them to infectious agents.

Genios en Linea
Monterrey, Mexico
Gabriela Mejia

Genios en Linea is an online platform that offers online tutoring for kids, to help them solve their homework, study for exams, or have extra lessons, between a certified community of tutors. With Genios en linea, parents can choose the plan that best fits their kids’ needs, and get connected with a certified community of tutors in real time. Each session is 1:1 real time video conference. Plus, parents get notifications on their mobiles about their kid’s performance.

New Delhi, India
Manik Mehta

Indian tech startup Leaf has created a device called Guardian for women who no longer feel safe in their own country. Guardian is a wearable device which works in collaboration with a live tracking mobile application. This device senses danger directed towards the owner and it automatically sends a signal, along with the location of the victim, to the friends and family as well as to the Guardian control room. In a matter of seconds, the system will forward the location to the police, rapid action team and our mobile application users in the proximity of the woman in danger.

Hank the Beer Tank
Washington, USA
Sebastian Ehreiser & Adam Koeppel

Hank the Beer Tank is a beer-tech startup that has created a patent-pending electric portable kegerator solution for beer drinkers. Hank was conceptualized and built to solve a problem that beer drinkers often face: How to keep freshly tapped beer cold and pressurized, both while at home and on the go at festivals, camping, the beach, tailgating and on the boat. It utilizes a super-efficient inverter controlled compressor, power electronics, and a digital control unit and is roughly half the size of most kegerators on the market.

High Touch Courses
Orono, USA
Elizabeth Chabe

High Touch Courses is an online course system that utilizes gamification and provides on-demand education for the price of a Netflix subscription. It aims to disrupt the traditional 4-year degree system for certain areas of study (e.g., computer science, video game development, etc.), helping solve the student debt crisis and create more talented, technically-trained citizens prepared to enter the workforce.

Rapallo, Italy
Benedetta Magri

Horus aims to help visually-impaired and blind users to regain their independence. It is a wearable device fitting every kind of glasses. As a personal assistant, it helps the user to have a better understanding of the world around him or her. Its features are texts reading, zebra crossing detection and road sign recognition, as well as objects/faces learning and recognition. It interacts with the user through voice and it works as a standalone, being present and reliable in every situations.

Cairo, Egypt
Mostafa Raafat

Infoudio is a crowd-sourced educational platform where anyone can record and listen to audio cards. Think of Infoudio as the intersection between Wikipedia and SoundCloud. Its vision is to create a platform where the world’s knowledge is recorded in audio format, in different languages, and available to everyone for free. Choosing audio instead of video makes it easier for people to create cards, as they do not need a camera, only a microphone. Also audio takes much less bandwidth, which will make the audio cards available to people with slow internet connections.

InfraSonic Monitoring
Vestal, USA
Ohad BarSimanTov

InfraSonic Monitoring is a technology capable of providing non-invasive, continuous assessment of cardiac output suitable for consumer use. Cardiac output is the single most important physiologic assessment which can be obtained from a person. However, the current usage rate for cardiac monitoring is below 1 percent for people who could benefit from such monitoring. InfraSonic Monitoring provides clients with real time beat to beat cardiac output monitoring, allowing clients to track their health, physical condition, energy expenditure, influence of medication or food intake and much more. The goal is to achieve an ease of cardiac monitoring similar to that which has been achieved for serum glucose monitoring. What once was available only in hospital or research settings will be available to the entire community.

Island Water Technologies, Inc.
Montague, Canada
Patrick Kiely 

Island Water Technologies is a Prince Edward Island-based company specializing in modular, renewably powered wastewater treatment. Partnered with Aspin Kemp and Associates, Island Water Technologies provides off-the-grid wastewater treatment solutions for domestic and industrial waste streams. De-centralized wastewater treatment solutions offer the potential to significantly reduce the cost and energetic input; however, current solutions are either ineffective or not economically viable. Integrating renewable energy and wastewater treatment technological advances with improvements in process control / remote automation can significantly reduce the inefficiencies in current wastewater treatment processes.

Kricket LLC
Meriden, USA
Connor Croteau

Kricket is a service that helps reasonable people become reasonable neighbors by allowing users to send anonymous text messages to noisy neighbors. The app also gives managers/administrators access to noise-alytics, a heat map for noise, giving them the power of real time tenant/student generated data, paired with statistical analysis to help identify noisy rooms and staff smarter in the process.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Rares Muresan

MathsTab is a tablet app for teachers with an item bank of 5000 mathematics questions and answers. The app creates a seamless process through which teachers can assign questions and later analyze student responses thanks to the handwritten user component. The app’s analytics also allow teachers to access a student’s work history and assessments and track the student’s evolution on each topic.

MediCounsel – Providing Hope
Mumbai, India
Prateek Golecha

MediCounsel is a functioning, user-friendly, healthcare consulting portal designed to assist the treatment of patients suffering from complex, rare and hopeless medical conditions. The portal coordinates and integrates the opinions of multiple specialists for a patient of chronic diseases. Intense interaction and continued communication with the patient and on his behalf, with the experts, is its unique selling point. Its reports are easy to understand, well-illustrated and help patients to be fully knowledgeable about their disease and the pros and cons of the proposed treatment options.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Eric van der Helm, Niklas Cvetanovski, Alex Costa, & Stephanie Franck

MGM Bio is a business-to-business biotechnology company that provides a novel approach to drug discovery. It delivers natural, small molecules targeting viral diseases to the pharmaceutical industry. MGM Bio technology is cheaper, faster and generates more chemical diversity than established methods such as combinatorial chemical libraries and virtual molecule screening. The intent is to feed discovered molecules into open innovation platforms offered by most large pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Bayer. This enables the verification of the molecules and reduces both the cost and the need for in-house assay development. MGM Bio’s vision is to build a diverse portfolio of molecules, using a market need-based approach, in order to feed the innovation pipeline and expand into other promising markets.

Novus Life Sciences Limited
Hong Kong, China
Kenneth Lai

NOVUS is a biotech startup. In an attempt to bridge the gap between the industry and academic institutions, Novus established itself as the bridge between industry and institutions to accelerate the commercialization process and put cutting edge technology into application. Novus focuses on the development of orthobiologics and aims to fill a market gap with its technology by providing highly injectable biomaterial needed for minimal invasive surgical procedures, leaving no trace with minimal complexity in operation and patient downtime. The profitability is promising as the potential market of orthobiologics is enormous and it is still growing around the globe.

Peerless Wind Systems
Boynton Beach, USA
Jay Moskowitz

An artistic yet highly energy efficient vertical axis wind turbine has been created out of the world of kinetic art, for use in the urban environment, island nations and emerging countries where over 1 billion people have little or no electricity. Our patent-pending electric generator incorporates new technologies to increase energy efficiency, and is married with the turbine to deliver more energy than turbines of similar size. Its performance and operations center monitors the operation of every installed turbine globally.

Pharrell’s Limited
London, United Kingdom
Anurah Farrell

Pharrell’s Limited is a sanitary disposal unit carrier that looks to improve efficiency by 50 percent for recycling of sanitary waste. Pharrell’s Sanitary Disposal Carrier improves the productivity of exchanging used units for clean sanitary units or installation of sanitary units on site.

Sippy Downs, Australia
Danum Harris-Lusk

The SmartView is a tool that will revolutionize the way we learn, work and play with technology. It is a device that transforms your smartphone into a wearable computer with a huge 3D immersive display. The SmartView is an affordable entry into the exciting new frontier of wearable computing with immersive displays.

Quezon city, Philippines
Paulo del Puerto

PocketMarket gives merchants a way to engage customers at the right moment by incorporating customer service in the purchase process. Customers can chat with merchants through the Product Page using any type of browser (mobile or desktop) and the merchant gets a notification in the app. From there, the merchant can answer the questions of the customer and guide them through the purchase and possibly make a lasting connection.

San Diego, USA
Dana Hosseini

ProdermIQ has created an affordable consumer and professional based sample-to-answer analytical platform that compares an individual’s unique microbial composition to the overall healthy population in our database to provide their SKINdex skin health measurement score. Skincare product consumers want healthy beautiful skin; however the purchasing process of skin care products is generally trial and error with products often left in drawers unused. More savvy consumers are turning to the web seeking information on ingredients and deferring to beauty bloggers to support their purchasing decisions. ProdermIQ takes the guesswork out purchasing decision by providing a skin health status at initial testing and then allowing consumer to monitor their skin health after trialing a product.

Chittagong, Bangladesh
Md Chowdhury

ProteinFight™ is an insect-based protein startup. Insect and insect larvae are the natural food of chickens in the wild and fish in streams and their nutritional composition is as good as that of fishmeal and better than soya. As a natural food, it has excellent digestive properties that will help reduce fish consumption from the oceans for livestock food – it takes about three pounds of fish to produce one pound of farmed salmon – and also help solve waste management problems in large cities.

Chennai, India
Lalithbabu Logeshwarrao is an online web application structured to track and manage rental properties on the go. The fully automated system takes care of rent collection, rental ads, property management, notifications and more.

Social Belly
London, United Kingdom
Dimple Lalwani

Social Belly is an online marketplace that helps foodies host and attend dinner parties. It targets local communities, working and self-employed professionals that enjoy meeting new people and experience new dining adventures. Social Belly recognizes that customers want to discover a new experience, meet new people and gain more value for their money. Hosts are not necessarily professional chefs, but people who have a passion for creating exciting dishes, sharing these with new people and showcasing their culinary talent.

Symptify – Symptoms Simplified
Sunny Isles Beach, USA
Jalil Thurber

Symptify is an online self-assessment tool that uses a customized algorithmic engine to help users educate themselves about causes of symptoms. It combines the cumulative experience of multiple ER doctors with current medical knowledge to create a tool that helps users narrow the causes of their symptoms, find the closest place to get care and give a heads-up when going to a facility.

TalLee – the GSM-based Doorbell
Islamabad, Pakistan
Rafi Amjad

TalLee is a small battery-powered GSM-enabled doorbell that is installed on doors and gates. When a visitor comes and presses the bell, users get a phone call on their cell ph