2nd Annual Startup Huddle St. Lucia Appreciation Awards

2nd Annual Startup Huddle St. Lucia Appreciation Awards
Activity Description

Celebrating the entrepreneurs who've presented at our program, the Ambassadors who have championed us, the partners and sponsors who have supported us, and of course our tireless and hardworking team members. Visit the landing page to vote.

Award Categories:

1. The Giving Back Award - The Startup which has fulfilled Step 3 of the application process which is to give back; Attend Startup Huddle St. Lucia when you can. Mentor/coach future presenters. Join our workshops or coaching sessions in person or virtually. Refer other startups to present. Especially those who may not have heard about the program. Invite other people to attend.

2. The Collaborator Award - The startup which practices collaborating with and assisting other startups to help grow the local startup economy.

3. Most Outstanding Startup - The startup which has made the most progress despite challenges since it presented at Startup Huddle St. Lucia.

4. Most Promising Startup - The startup which though has faced challenges, but is still persevering and does show that through advice given, has taken this into consideration and has made changes to try to reach its goal.

5. Most Promising Idea/Project/Venture - The founder who has not yet started as yet, still in the idea stage, but whose presentation and knowledge has a clear indication that it will be a success when it launches. This award also includes the students of the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School who presented in July of last year.

6. SHSL Ambassador of the Year 2020 - The individual who will become the 2nd Face of Startup Huddle St. Lucia - promoting, sharing, PR presence and effort, talking about the program, advocating for the program and able to explain the program to anyone so that persons will want to attend.

7. The Meta-Connector - The individual who uses all of their connections to draw an audience to the program, call in favours, and convince persons to support, contribute and attend.

8. The Team Player - The individual who knows how to resolve issues within the team and arrive at solutions by actively setting an example.

9. The Servant Leadership Award - Always willing to go above and beyond to assist, even outside of the assigned role.

10. The Startup Huddle St. Lucia Leader Award - The individual who has given the most for the success of the program, contributed, sacrificed time, effort and invested money.

11. Partner of the Year - Partner agency or company which has provided support to the program over the year 2019-2020

12. Sponsor of the Year - Sponsor agency or company which has provided financial and/or in-kind support to the program over the year 2019-2020


Voting closes on Sunday November 15th. When you submit your vote, you will see the link to RSVP to the event which will take place virtually on November 18th 2020!

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