AwakenTheEntrepreneurInYou Amid Covid-19 Panel Discussion

AwakenTheEntrepreneurInYou Amid Covid-19 Panel Discussion
Activity Description

Startup Huddle is one of the biggest communities of entrepreneurs. The program's mission is to help every entrepreneur in the world. It is done by hosting a monthly recurring event to inspire, educate, and connect entrepreneurs. Startup Huddle St. Lucia is part of this massive community of entrepreneurs, and we educate, engage and connect local entrepreneurs monthly with those in the region.

On June 3rd however, we are taking this mission a step further. Team Startup Huddle St. Lucia is excited to organize our upcoming virtual panel discussion entitled Awaken The Entrepreneur In You Amid COVID-19 and the Entrepreneurship World Cup.

We will have the privilege to host Alejandra, Team Member of Entrepreneurship World Cup, GEN; Entrepreneur & Founder of Eco Creationz Dawna Hyacinth, and other dynamic individuals who know all too well the story of rising above challenges.

The session will be moderated by Michealla Charles-Noel, Presenter Recruitment (Head) of Startup Huddle St. Lucia, and Ronetta Billy, Startup Huddle St. Lucia Coach and Founder & Managing Director of TriBiz Marketing.

This virtual session will be organized jointly with SLUDTERA and TriBiz Marketing, in association with the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Do not miss this Zoom session on June 3rd 2020 at 6:30 pm (AST).

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