Startup Huddle St. Lucia: Digital Marketing for your Business

Activity Description

Our 1st presenter is the startup, Blu Media Marketing. Making the presentation will be founder, Sharine Joseph. Blu Media Marketing provides social media marketing and consultancy services which includes social media page set-ups and management, SM audits, graphics designing, website set-ups and management, brand ambassador services, PR services, etc.

Our professional expert panel are two individuals with several years of experience in the Marketing space; Carla Williams-Johnson of Carli Communications, and Rankin Morgan of 123 Digital Limited.

Sharine is presenting at Startup Huddle St. Lucia through our partnership with the Dream to Reality Professional Business Training Course. See below, the 10 Steps for the best Startup Huddle St. Lucia experience.  

Our 2nd presenter is Mr. Rankin Morgan. He will be presenting on the topic: Digital Marketing for your Business.

We look forward to seeing you next week Wednesday at 7pm AST, on March 10th! You can't afford to miss this one!

Startup Huddle St. Lucia. The Flagship program by SLUDTERA.

Startup Huddle St. Lucia helps one entrepreneur at a time while strengthening the local ecosystem. Entrepreneurs present real-time challenges facing their startup and solicit input on potential solutions from other entrepreneurs, mentors, ecosystem builders and others in the local community. Startup Huddle St. Lucia focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs while simultaneously providing connection to a global network.

Startup Huddle St. Lucia is a member of the Eastern Caribbean Startup Huddle group, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy of Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean & the OECS.


10 Steps for the best Startup Huddle St. Lucia experience:

1. Read up on the companies by visiting their social media pages and/or websites. Like and/or follow the pages. Subscribe to the websites.
2. Register to attend Startup Huddle St. Lucia. 
3. Share the event with others in the small business and entrepreneurial community and with community groups, encouraging persons to attend.
4. On the day, listen to the presentations and take note of key points and each company's big ask.
5. During Q&A, ask the presenters questions based on what you read on their social media sites and/or websites and on what they presented.

You are part of the solution 
6. Offer advice on what the companies could do to help their businesses or ventures. Provide resources and contact information where necessary.
7. Offer to patronize the companies' products and/or services.
8. Fill out the online poll/survey to provide anonymous, constructive feedback to the presenters.
9. Post a comment on the Startup Huddle St. Lucia Facebook page giving your review of the event and the companies.
10. Keep up to date with upcoming events and register to attend them.