About GEN Saudi 

GEN Saudi aims to support all entrepreneurs and their supporters to reach maximum impact while leveraging global best practices, reliable research, access to most relevant expert networks of mentors/supporters, establishing connections to interested investors, global market outreach, innovative programs, latest in trainings,  key policy makers discussions and top events all around the world to pursue the full success of the Saudi Arabian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.



GEN SAUDI will become the center of connectivity for the Saudi Arabian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem to the rest of the world.


GEN Saudi Objectives:

  • Launch 2020 successfully as one of the best entrepreneurial events in the region
  • To have a well organized, coordinated, and impactful Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) every November.
  • Clear partnerships with key Ecosystem players and their GEN related initiatives; such as the World Startup Cup with MISK
  • Become the source of credible research for the Impact Report and Entrepreneurship Culture Index with GERN (Global Entrepreneurship Research Network)
  • Be the source of innovative policy making within SNS and SNAP
  • Form the local version of the Global Business Angels Network
  • To create a knowledgeable and well-trained angel investors’ community in the Kingdom through connecting investors in Saudi Arabia with their peers in the Global Business Angels Network (GBAN).


GEN Saudi Managing Director:

Amal Dokhan

GEN Saudi Team Members:

Mohammed Aljuaid

Erum Alhowaish 

Jannah Baarmah 

Basim Alharthi 

Faris Alhazmi

Mashail Bakolka