Angels Rising: Early-stage Investor Fundamentals

Activity Description



On November 11-12, 2019, GEN Saudi, the Global Entrepreneurship Network's national affiliate in Saudi Arabia, and the Global Business Angel Network (GBAN) are organizing a seminar for the Kingdom's angel investors.  GBAN is an extensive international network of local business angel networks led by a Board of globally recognized business angel community leaders. The seminar is made possible by the Saudi Venture Capital Company (SVC), the Oqal Group and Monsha'at.

As part of larger efforts to increase deal flow among Saudi investors and entrepreneurs, the goal of the seminar is to transfer information, expertise, and know-how and provide guidance and advice to those with the resources and the desire to invest in early-stage startups in a variety of business sectors.


The seminar will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of angel investing elements. Led by a team of world class angel experts – from inside and outside Saudi Arabia – the sessions will walk participants through best international practices for developing an effective investment strategy, deal sourcing and screening, valuation and capitalization tables, due diligence and building a growth portfolio. Experts will include Dr. Nabeel Koshak, Padmaja Ruparel, Mohammed Imeshekeh, Pat LaPointe, Stephan Reckie, and Chris Schroeder.  In addition, Jeff Hoffman will moderate a closing discussion among Saudi investors and entrepreneurs on investing in the Kingdom. 

The seminar will be conducted primarily in English and will include networking opportunities with early-stage Saudi investors, accelerator managers, and directors of relevant government programs.