GEW 2012 in Serbia
25 Feb 2013

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So, what is it that makes our Global Entrepreneurship Week unique? Well, it’s us. Team of five students, diplomas still fresh on the wall, got the chance to shine and show what they’re made of. And I have to say, there was a lot of shining and showing going on. We had an excellent first hand experience with all the difficulties and challenges that organizing an event like this brings. For instance, multitasking got a whole new meaning for us now. I mean, it’s ok to have faith in your abilities, skill and stamina, but it isn’t going to help you be in three places at once. Trust me on that…

But all that aside, we had a pretty diverse and colorful GEW here in Belgrade. There were two rounds of presentations guests could attend, for which we invited some interesting lecturers. There were few very experienced entrepreneurs, city and government officials, young activists and people just starting their business, and all were more than happy to share their experience and know-how with all GEW enthusiasts. In between these two rounds of lectures, GEW guests had an opportunity to visit our “Idea Fair”. The idea behind the Fair was to bring together people just starting up with some potential mentors, sponsors and colleagues. Twelve stands where put together, where young entrepreneurs could show and present their businesses-to-be and get some feedback from GEW guests and lecturers, make some contacts and even work out some kind of collaboration between themselves.

In order to promote GEW online, we made both an animated video and a recap video that highlight what was said during GEW; you can check them out below. We also put up a Facebook page, where students uploaded their ideas, which their colleagues and friends liked, shared and commented on. We had around twenty student ideas with about hundred likes per video. Not too bad eh?

Eight lectures, one exhibit fair and eight hours later, last of the visitors left, exhibitors closed their stands and lecturers said their goodbyes. So now, all that was left of the GEW Serbia 2012 was us the staff, and a whole lot of good memories and valuable experience. We all hope you’ll join us next year. So, until then, so long, fare well and spread the good word of entrepreneurship whenever you can.

Animated video:

Recap video: