Serbia Looks to Future Entrepreneurs
1 Nov 2010

While Serbia continues its long march toward economic recovery, Global Entrepreneurship Week/Serbia is reaching out to create a new generation of entrepreneurial talent that strive for success while staying home. The campaign is led by Be Your Own Boss, a practical advisory service for individuals starting their own businesses. Radmila Zlatanovic of BYOB offers this update: 

Launch of the BeYOB toolkit for future Entrepreneurs

This year’s GEW will see the launch of the new edition of the BeYOB toolkit for future entrepreneurs, named "Start Your Own Business". The toolkit includes a printed manual, CD and extension cards, which help users to acquire a practical knowledge of the basic steps for business development. The toolkit gathers together practical tips and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs under the slogan “All in One Place”. The idea is that future entrepreneurs can learn first-hand how to navigate the turbulent waters of management and entrepreneurship and get on track for success.

Roundtable discussions on the issue of Youth Entrepreneurial Environment in Serbia and what we can do better 

The discussions with national institutions and representatives of public institutions will focus on the entrepreneurial environment in Serbia and highlight the key stumbling blocks for new and promising entrepreneurs. These collaborative discussions will seek to find ways of solving our most pressing social and environmental problems and bringing prosperity to the region. Together we will work at bettering the future for our Serbian Youth, who are desperately seeking our help.

BeYOB training workshops on the theme, ‘How to become your own boss as a young person’

The intention of the BeYOB practical training programme for entrepreneurs and SME sector is to provide participants with an opportunity to develop and practice key business skill sets. The workshops cover the following topics: from inception to a successful business, business planning, strategic business planning, marketing and financial planning. Through this training we promote and stimulate an entrepreneurial environment for young people and raise entrepreneurship awareness among young people in the region. Actually, we promote and facilitate entrepreneurship education for young people, inspire and empower them to generate positive action, and connect young entrepreneurs to their peers and essential resources to achieve business success. Our main goal is to build a generation of empowered young entrepreneurs in Serbia.

[Belgrade photo courtesy]