Run A Business For The Day : Boat Charter Company

Activity Description

Aguas Claras Charters and Bat O Bleu have joined forces in order to offer a one day experience to a group of five secondary school kids from Plaisance Secondary and Mont Fleuri Secondary. on Saturday 21st November, the kids will start off the day with a morning session which will entail training in the various aspects of a boat charter company example upkeeping of the boat, maintenance processes on board, COVID 19 procedures, safety procedures at see, customer service, how to take a booking, how to prepare for the booking, how to handle the guests, how to run the activities and post event procedures.

The trainees will also have exposure on how to market and sell the products, before, during and after an event and how to use social media effectively to market one;s business. 

In the afternoon we will have a group of five clients who will pose in as guests and the trainees will now put what they learnt into practice. They will take the booking, welcome the guest at the given time, brief them on the activity which is planned to be a snorkeling activity in the marine park, by putting into practice all the aspects they were taught during the morning session. After completion of the activity we will have a post event debrief and all 5 trainees will be issued with a certificate of participation which they will be able to keep in their Record of  Achievement (ROA) school file.