Seychellespreneur On The Rise - Interview With Mr. Dorian Marie
Photo Credit: Department of Entrepreneurship and Industry
Interview With Mr. Dorian Marie for Seychelles entrepreneurs.
21 Nov 2020

Q1: Tell us about your journey as an entrepreneur   

Marie: My entrepreneurial journey started with an insatiable desire to bring a one-stop-shop platform in Seychelles, whereby someone’s phone would become the most valuable thing they have. After almost a year of fighting to bring our idea to life, we got hit by the most unexpected event which brought to light our upcoming product, a platform for education. (Two systems working in sync, one for Management and one for delivering courses). 

During the one year and a half of being in the field, it has been a constant and continuous journey of learning new skills and self-development. Nonetheless, all the ups, downs and soul-destroying moments highlights the one thing that keep us going; our soul-enlightening passion for what we do as Mavericks. 

Q2: Why did you choose to pursue entrepreneurship?

Marie: You will hear a lot of entrepreneurs say that they started because they wanted to change the world, or they want a lifestyle that isn’t bound by nine to five. It is all true, However, my reason was I constantly come up with ideas and being stuck in a place where I do not have the power to execute or put effort into those ideas is not a place where I will be my most productive self. 

Q3: What obstacles did you encounter along the way?

Marie: There are so many obstacles we have encountered on our journey, such as lack of support from relatives and close friends ,opposition faced from key organization’s  e.g. regulators , difficulty in organizing ourselves as a team ,mainly how to communicate and collaborate effectively. However, someone once told me that “An Entrepreneur should be like a river; a river flows in one direction, and despite the fact that it has to flow around trees, over rocks and down hills, in the end it reaches the sea”. I always keep this quote in mind and we at mavericks aim to always be versatile within our environment. 

Q4: What advice can you offer to future Seychellois Entrepreneurs?

Marie: I recommend that aspiring entrepreneurs develop patience, perseverance and persistence. Success does not come overnight, so irrespective of all the obstacles and setbacks that come your way, it is important that you remain focused on you end goal.

Angelique Antat

Principal Secretary | Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development

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