Seychellespreneur On The Rise - Interview With Mr. Wolfgang Germain
Wolfgang Germain,
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Interview with Wolfgang Germain of Seychelles.
16 Nov 2020

Q1: Briefly describe your start-up journey

Germain: My journey started at a very young age where I experienced a few unsuccessful attempts when starting my businesses during my secondary school years. My ventures ranged from being a mini "candy-retailer" in school to selling a few laptops that my father had given me as a start-up investment.  I furthered my studies in South Africa attaining a double degree in Application Development Network and Business Science. I experienced a few trials coupled with mentorship which further sharpened my skills. Making use of all the experiences and training I have gained combined with my father's many blessings, I am currently on a beautiful journey of (a partnership with a close friend from university)

Q2: Why did you choose to pursue entrepreneurship?

Germain: Throughout my whole life I was not one to focus on problems, rather I would always focus on solutions. Furthermore, I am a patriot; I found myself wanting to give back and help find as many digital solutions as possible for the Seychelles with the motto, "Getting Seychelles online together as a nation". Therefore, entrepreneurship was the one place I could fit that vision in.

Q3: How will you describe the obstacles you encountered?

Germain: Well, for me obstacles is a matter of perspective, where others may see many obstacles, I see few to none. From my point of view, challenges are opportunities for growth. I credit my attitude to my faith in god, whatever obstacles that come my way; I believe the almighty will land me in a better place and as a better person.

Q4: What advice can you offer to future Seychellois Entrepreneurs?

Germain: Write your vision down clearly. Remember it is a beautiful journey my brothers and sisters. Sometimes a few tears might be needed but whatever the challenges are, be it financial, social, or academic, keep pushing and moving forward. No matter what others say, believe in yourself because you can accomplish your vision. Keep your country at heart and pursue any ventures that will be beneficial to the nation

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