Seychellespreneur On The Rise - Interview With Ms. Maria Vidot
Photo Credit: Department Of Entrepreneurship and Industry
Interview with Seychelles entrepreneur, Ms. Maria Vidot.
20 Nov 2020

Q1:  How did your idea come about? 

Vidot: I have always enjoyed painting and drawing, on and off throughout my life. Last year I made a conscious decision to do it regularly just as a way to de-stress. However, I did not want to paint on canvas or paper but rocks! To my surprise after a  few google searches, I realised that this form of art is quite popular worldwide! Soon after, Rock art Seychelles came into existence.

Q2: Tell us about your journey as an entrepreneur  

Vidot: I ordered quality professional paint from the United Kingdom in December 2019 and I received it early March 2020. With the pandemic and restrictions put in place, I started rock painting at home. Soon after, I created an Instagram and Facebook page, just to share my artwork with others. I never intended it to be more than that. Surprisingly enough, I started receiving a few orders from my close friends and eventually other people who appreciated my work.

Q3: What obstacles did you encounter along the way?

Vidot: The COVID-19 pandemic brought about certain challenges in terms of shortages of several paint colors in the local market. Therefore, I had to order online which was even more difficult and more expensive. The most prominent obstacle in my way though, was fear. I had to start believing in myself and gradually, gained the confidence. I really appreciate those people who has encouraged me to enter into this venture including, my social media followers who never fail to push and encourage me.

Q4: What advice can you offer to future Seychellois Entrepreneurs?

Vidot: Do not give in to fear! If you have something that you are passionate about and want to take it to another level then do it. It does not matter how small you start, as long as you take the first step!

Angelique Antat

Principal Secretary | Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development

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