GEN Sierra Leone’s mission is to galvanize, organize, support and energize a vibrant ecosystem that will support the growth of entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone. GEN aims to give every potential entrepreneur in Sierra Leone the opportunity to start a business, and to help established entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Our  competitive advantages include:

  • World-Class Resources - An affiliation with GEN Global affords access to programs and partners, and best-in-class resources. GEN Global has a decade of performance building global entrepreneurship communities;
  • Advanced Concepts - Access to the Kauffman Foundation and the Global Entrepreneurship
  • Research Network’s knowledge base, which affords access to advanced concepts, evaluation methods for measuring progress and assessing results, and the latest perspectives on entrepreneurship ecosystem development.

To achieve our mission we shall:

  • Map and Enable the entrepreneurial  ecosystem necessary to support entrepreneurship across Sierra Leone;
  • Take a leadership role in developing and enabling a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Identify and implement high-impact programs and interventions to support latent and budding entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone, with the view of increasing the number of entrepreneurs;
  • Create a forum for dialogue between politicians and the community of entrepreneurs (from start-ups to seasoned entrepreneurs), to foster a better understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs and provide input for better policies to support entrepreneurship;
  • Create a platform for universities and centers of learning and research to test ideas in business and entrepreneurial settings; and
  • Increase understanding between new and traditional elements of Sierra Leone’s economy through constructive engagement with broad-based coalitions of public and private sector leaders, to support smart, evidence-based programs and public policies to strengthen the ecosystem.

Our vision is

  • To give every potential entrepreneur in Sierra Leone the opportunity to start a business, and to help established entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

The Management Team is as follows:

Acting Managing Director: Francis Stevens George


Board Members:

  1. Mr. Sheka Forna- Chairman
  2. Mr. Amadu John Serry- MD Salone Finance
  3. Ms. Hannah Max Macarthy
  4.  Gen Global
  5. Francis Stevens George, MD GEN SL

Advisory Board- Senior Members

  1. Peter Lansana-Unimak
  2. Rev Daniel Ngegba-Limkokwing University of Creative Technologies
  3. Frankly Williams- Private Sector Development
  4. Alfred Nanoh- SLECAD
  5. Alfred Akibo- Betts- Freetown Business School
  6. Chief Alex Nyallo
  7. Hannah Max-MarCathy
  8. Ram Shankerdas
  9. Hamza Hashim
  10. Dr. Francis Dove Edwin
  11. Assie Bangura
  12. Edmond Nonie
  13. Manon Van Praaden
  14. Allan Metzeger-Centre for Entrepreneurship


Paid Volunteers

  1. Bela Bah
  2. Joseph Kamara
  3. Issa Mansary
  4. Marvel Taylor
  5. Zainab Sheriff
  6. Emily Fanday
  7. Margarett Cassell



  1. Joseph Kamara
  2. Medron Karama
  3. Mustaphar Jalloj
  4. Doris Bangali
  5. Abdulai Kanneh