Advertising and doing business online is in need of simplicity. Infogurushop.Com (IGS) aims to simplify the way businesses advertise online introducing video showcasing with one-whole-page description, video, logo or photo and SEO that ranks online. It believes a picture is worth a thousand words—plus most business owners do not have the time and multitasking skills to SEO, PPC, social media, back-link, analytic track, and write content while managing staff and their business daily. Infogurushop.Com believes it can offer 'all things video' online and mobile whether you are a business, brand, product, or service ready to showcase your talent to the world. IGS believes most web-pages are now out-dated and it is time for interactive smart-pages. IGS pages are so smart you don't need a website and we can produce most profile pages and videos just from a few photos or a summary of an existing website or business description. Infogurushop can also create social and online media channels with the power of video, linking and showcasing without clutter so every business or customer receives full multimedia exposure.

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