April 3, 2018

Tax incentive for R&D investment

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Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts has preparad a new regulation providing income tax payers a tax credit for investent into R&D activities. 

On January 11, 2018, the Government of the Republic of Croatia submitted the Draft Law to the Croatian Parliament.

Implementation is expected after its adoption by the Parliament in early 2018.

Entrepreneurs will then be able to apply their projects. 

The measure envisages a fiscal relief for research and development projects belonging to the categories of fundamental research, industrial research, experimental development or feasibility studies for those research and development projects.

Support is exercised as a right to further deduct the profit tax base or income tax for justified costs (eligible costs for which a valid documentation to prove costs, such as Accounts, Payments, etc. has been submitted). State aid beneficiaries may be legal entities (small, medium and large entrepreneurs) and natural persons who are taxable income taxpayers who have a business or branch office in the Republic of Croatia at the time of payment of the grant.


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Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

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