The venture capital fund is a public fund made up of 20.4 million USD, which provides resources such as seed capital and venture capital to productive innovation projects in the 14 productive sectors prioritized in Ecuador, is structured from 3 programs one of Seed Capital for MSMEs, another of venture capital for entrepreneurs and other of Venture Capital for MSMEs. This fund is a service of Ecuador's entrepreneurial ecosystem starting in the third quarter of 2017, seeking to promote the development of innovative businesses and capable of being linked to the productive sectors of the country. 

The venture capital fund aims to promote within the national territory the development of innovative enterprises in their stage of productive application of natural and legal persons under private law through the presentation of monetary provision services in the form of capital risky; As well as support services and technical assistance. The venture capital fund shall be implemented through a commercial trust whose structure and contractual content shall be in accordance with those provided for in the Securities Market Law, except for the contractual limitations set forth in this Decree and shall provide for the respective ventures monetary resources.


Eco. Diana Sánchez

Director of access to financing

Eco. Ricardo Viteri


Ing. Denis Zurita

Business Services Coordinator





Start-up companies looking to start, start or set up a new business, and alluding to business ideas that are starting or under construction.