Activity Description

Kasi Expo and Summit is a location based outdoor and indoor expo so we have realised that most people from all over the world they come to South Africa to exhibit their own services and products with excitment and sadly the most people who might be interested will not see the products or services so we dicided to bring the expo to the people where they will familiarise themselves with trade shows.But the bad news is most exhibitors come with their products and services and go back home without relevant people to see their products and services nor buyer or someone interested to sell. so we decided to bring this two closer, that is exhibitors to find relevant people and remember people at locations they do not go to the exhibitions because they are not familiar or think they are not supposed to be there. People at location are consumers of products but we want to break that chain by allowing the trade show to come to them direct.We created a platform in association with SABCDA (South African Business and Community Development Association) a non-profit organisation. South African Business and Community Development Association (SABCDA), is a newly establish nonprofit development organization that focuses in the following:· disseminate business, community development information,· establishes, developing community bank, enterprises, structures and wholesale.SABCDA is implementing its program, activities and services in three clusters of the City of Johannesburg:· Alexander: Alexander, Jhb Inner City and Deep sloot.· Orange farm: Orange farm, Emmerdale and Lenasia.· Soweto: Soweto, Braamfisher, Eldorado Park and Freedom Park.In each region, SABCDA targets 10 wards and each ward to have 10 branches and each branch to have the following structure:· 4 x community organizations (churches, cooperatives, stokvels, NGOs, creches)· Agents.· Facilitator.So this allience is our strong hold, so we can be confident about the platform and ourselves. So be part of development so that you will grow. we not only focusing on international exhibitors also the local have the same problem of not getting market. This is the solution. So be part of the solution.