Startup Nations Atlas of Policies

The Startup Nations Atlas of Policies (SNAP) is a compendium of public sector policies and programs. SNAP serves as a tool for policymakers, advisors and opinion leaders to learn about previously implemented. policy models, articulated entrepreneurship strategies, and/or designs of public-sector-supported  programs.

Director General of Development Programs and Cooperation

The Startup and Innovation Program responds to the country's needs for economic growth, sustainable socio-economic development, investment in human capital, increase in the number of self-employed, empowerment of youth and promotion of innovations in technology, science, and business. Economic

Project Manager
United States

This initiative seeks to help the startups minimize the bureaucracy associated with the initiation of startup operations. iStart uses a three-pronged strategy to help startups: a) develop deep mentor engagements, b) speed iteration cycles and c) prepare ahead of fundraising.

General Coordinator for Technological Development, Innovation & Conformity Assessment

Paraguayan Innovation Program (PROINNOVA) is a framework of different instruments aimed at a) fostering innovation and b) strengthening human capital for innovation. Through 9 different instruments, PROINNOVA reaches out to entrepreneurs, companies, business incubators and technology development

Entrepreneurship Coordinator, and Alternate General Coordinator of Innovative Entrepreneurship

Startup Brazil Connection is a project of national scope with regionalized activities that seeks to increase the density of the innovation ecosystem in the industrial sector.  The program focuses on early-stage startups that solve real market demands. The program will offer selected startups

Vice President for Policy + Research
United States

The EIC is intended to help small businesses commercialize their products by providing a mix of grants and equity. It is currently in pilot mode and is awarding grants. In the future, it plans to make equity investments.

Executive at the Unit of Knowledge Management & Development

Startup Peru is a government initiative that co-finances young Peruvian companies which offer innovative, technology-based products and services.

Entrepreneurship Coordinator, and Alternate General Coordinator of Innovative Entrepreneurship

The Federal Government has established a formal platform for joint articulation of public and private entrepreneurship stakeholders. 

Vice President for Policy + Research
United States

The new Uruguayan legal framework enables crowdfunding platforms to operation and establishes the option of startups to set up as simplified joint stock companies.  

Managing Director - India | Chairman GEN Asia

India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development released a guiding framework for higher education institutions. The framework covers Intellectual Property ownership, revenue sharing mechanism, norms for technology transfer and commercialization. 

The fast-track setup process is a free service offered through a dedicated concierge, and includes: A fast-tracked entry process which will cover residency, visa requirements and business registration. Guidance from Bahrain’s incubators and accelerators, as well as access to their networks and