GEW 50 Participant | June 20, 2012

How winning Startup Open has helped two businesses grow

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In 2011 startups from over 60 countries competed in the second annual Startup Open competition that takes place as part of GEW. While 50 were selected as promising companies and names to the GEW 50 list, two companies stood above the rest. Fenugreen, a company that makes FreshPaper that organically keeps fruits and veggies fresh for 2-4 times longer, took the top prize receiving an all expenses paid trip to Liverpool for the 2012 GEC to meet Richard Branson and tell the story of their company to over 300 International delegates.

Read about Fenugreen’s experience at the GEC.

Dynamo Micropower took the runner up position with their company that applies recent advances in turbine technology to commercialized small, ultra portable generators. For their prize Dynamo Micropower received an all expenses paid trip to Florida to start a year’s worth of mentoring with Mike DeLazzer, Founder of Redbox. Below is an update on how each company is growing from their experiences.

Read about Dynamo Micropower’s experience.