GEW Sudan 2020


GEW Sudan 2020 aims to continue its mission of providing a platform for entrepreneurs, business experts, government officials and thought leaders to exchange knowledge, discuss and explore the various ways in which they can all contribute to flourishing and building the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the economy and pushing Sudan forward. Besides that, the COVID-19 pandemic affected both corporates and startups in the way they do business. The move to digital models in Sudan is becoming a priority to continue managing and operating different organizations in an improved, sustainable way.

This year at GEW Sudan our main theme for the week will be Way Forward through which we aim to find applicable outcomes and solutions to some of Sudan's entrepreneurial ecosystem's most pressing matters, and create a roadmap for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community (IEC) and its network of experts to help influence, change and create a positive impact on the different parts of the ecosystem.

This year, all GEW Sudan activities will be held virtually and divided into 4 main categories as follows:

1. Discussion Panels - where a selected number of key actors will discuss a certain topic related to the activation and reinforcing of supportive entrepreneurship policies in Sudan. As a result of these discussions, a number of action points will be highlighted and developed into projects, activities, or policies that will serve the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

2. Educational Sessions - at the early stages of any startup, entrepreneurs face many issues. GEW Sudan 2020's educational sessions aim to support each and every entrepreneur all over Sudan to overcome the common business problems they face during the early years of establishment (such as financing, equity split, business modeling, etc.)

3. Celebrate GEW Your Own Way: as GEW is a global celebration, this campaign intends to involve the Sudanese community sectors through contributing by their own way to the entrepreneurship celebration occurring during November.    

4. GEW Sudan 2020 Business Clinic: a large number of experts joined efforts to design GEW-BC which is a tailored program that aims to support startups and MSMEs to overcome the negative impacts of the lockdown and move forward on doing business by providing a one-on-one consultation session with experts from different backgrounds to discover solutions to the challenges they face.

For the Sudanese community, The Global Entrepreneurship Week is the largest gathering of all the ecosystem actors, it offers national/international exposure for MSMEs and entrepreneurs through its various activities, also it provides a pool of expertise and access to a large number of experts, business owners who share their knowledge, experience and support youth all over Sudan with the know-how to start, scale and sustain a business.