Blog | November 6, 2017

GEW Sudan Whats new this year?

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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community is celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Global Entrepreneurship Week and the 4th anniversary since its launch in Sudan. To celebrate the anniversaries, IEC will be hosting The AINAC program (Arab Innovation Network Annual Conference) and Challenge Cup program.

In addition to that, high participation is both expected from the private and public sector in the country. The general public is also expected to be highly engaged throughout the week as a result of the adequate media coverage.

On top of that, various sessions and discussion panels will be presented in an attempt to give an insight into the basic entrepreneurship concepts

Involving more individuals and groups from the community ensures that this year's global entrepreneurship week in Sudan will be the biggest and most engaging week yet. Imagine the entire world celebrating 10 years of GEW at the same time.

We are not leaving anyone behind, we want everyone to join us in this global celebration!

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