Startup Weekend 2016 Recap
11 Dec 2016

Hello Startups Weekenders Dushanbe (Organizers / Participants / Mentors / Judges / Sponsors/ Partners / other VIPs),


Greetings! всем привет! As-salamu alaykum! Here's a recap and wrap-up email of what we all did the weekend, instead of seeing a movie or going out to dinner or a party :D Congratulations to all of you for an incredible weekend and a big big thank you to SW Dushanbe (Tajikistan). This first ever official Startup Weekend Dushanbe (Tajikistan) November 11-13, 2016 at the National Library of Tajikistan (Dushanbe) was AWESOME!!




1. Event Metrics 

4 lead SW organizers, 1 SW Global Facilitator, 80+ attendees, 35 ideas pitched, 12 teams formed, 54 hours, 14+ partners, 3 speakers, 8 mentors/ coaches, 6 judges, 3 winners, 300+ cups of tea/ coffee, 1000+ pastries, awesome lunch meals and safe working environment! :D


2. Winners and Prizes -

Congrats to the winners of the first Startup Weekend 2016 in Dushanbe. All of you were awesome!

  • 1st Prize: MevaMix (Online marketplace for farmers to directly sell their fruits)
  • 2nd Prize: Boom Boom (Professional Photo Studio for future Mom's and kids) 
  • 3rd Prize: I'm Solution! (GeoTagging Mobile Application to map events)

And congrats to all the teams for great ideas, passion, and excellence in execution. To know more about all the other SW Dushanbe teams, please click here.

  • Reminder to redeem our partner offers before they expire: 
    • .CO codeSW16111304 (by this Thursday) and Google Cloud Credit of $300 here.
    • 6 Months free SW0020164618
  • Winning Teams that need to claim prizes and mentoring: 
    • The team leader needs to get in touch with Zaytuna and Manizha, please write to the local organizing team at
  • Prizes: Coworking and Incubation support at Accelerate Prosperity of Aga Khan Foundation (provided the team is intact and taking the product to the market)

Connecting with mentor and judging panel: The team leader needs to get in touch with the local SW Community Leaders so that the meeting can be facilitated.  


3. Startup Weekend Dushanbe in the news - We may appear in local Media & Press in the next few days though we are not 100% sure when. If we hear, we'll let you know. If you see it, please let us know. Also, let us know if you can help us with the Press Coverage in any other media resources (radio, media and magazine) in Dushanbe. 






4. One big final THANK YOU to -

  • Organizers and Volunteers: Manizha Khaitova, Zaytuna Dodojanova, Madina Urakova, Farzona Yahyayeva, Valera Ivanenko, Anisa Ikromova, Fazliddin Davlatov, Nosirkhon Mamatov, Khurshed Dzhumaev, Muna Shukurova, Rasulov Khakim, Qulmatov Murod and team Association of Innovative and Technological Entrepreneurship (AITE) Dushanbe for putting together this wonderful event.
  • SW Global Facilitator: Anurag Maloo (Анураг Малy) (Regional Manager - South & Central Asia, Techstars). You can get in touch with me here:
  • SpeakersMentors/ Coaches:  Aliev Ilkhom, Zulola Narzikulova, Surayo Urakova, Bakhriddin Nazhmuddinov, Firuza Mirzoeva, Ozodkhon Davlatshoev, Manizha Khaitova, Mindaugas Ubartas, Anurag Maloo, Daniel Zaretsky, Kethie Pirtskhalava
  • Judging Panelists:  Emily Youatt, Surayo Urakova, Matthiaz Bastian, Gulanor Atobek, Golrokj Mojarad, Shuhrat Sharipov
  • All our global and local Sponsors and supporting Partners:  Techstars, Google For Entrepreneurs and .CO, Eventbrite, Amcham, AITE, OSCE, Sheraton Dushanbe, Abdullo Media, Samimi Construction Group, Softline, Acceleration Prosperity, T-Cell and everyone who supported this first official #SWDushanbe #SWT.
  • Venue Partner: National Library of Dushanbe, Tajikistan and Hotel Sheraton Dushanbe (for pre-event Bootcamp) 
  • Special Thanks to the observers, mentors and guests from Association of Innovative and Technological Entrepreneurship (AITE) network, GEW Tajikistan, and Dushanbe's startup ecosystem for their constant support, and SW Dushanbe for being a wonderful host. 




5. Stay connected with other attendees -


If you would like to connect with any teams, mentors, panelists, please let us know and we'll connect you to them. 

  • Join the SW Tajikistan facebook page and SW Dushanbe (TJ) facebook group, and event photos will be uploaded here. Please like/share and tag those you know. :)
  • Follow on Twitter @StartupWeekend @anuragmaloo, and #SWDushanbe #SWTajikistan
  • When is the next Startup Weekend in your city? Help us in organizing in 2016/ 2017.


6. Suggestions/ Feedback/ Stories - Please send any additional suggestions, experiences, and stories from SW to or to directly. 




1. For Participants/ Mentors/ Judges: Request you to fill Post Event Attendee Survey


Help us in serving you better. We'd love to hear from you!


7. Helping out with/ volunteering for Startup Weekend -


If you're interested in being an speaker, mentor or sponsor, or if you had such a good time that you want to help us organize Startup Weekends in Dushanbe or in other towns and cities of Tajikistan, please write to us at


8. Other stuff we think you should checkout - 


Check out various other flagship Techstars Startup ProgramsTechstars Accelerators and Techstars Ventures, and read Techstars Impact Report. For all the news on Startups, please subscribe to Startup Digest, and check Do let us know if you launch it, get incubated or get any offers (job, co-founders, etc). We’ll publish that as a success story of Startup Weekend. That's it from me for now!





Thanks everyone for coming out, we hope to see you at the next event!




On the behalf of Startup Weekend Dushanbe team

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