GEN THAILAND and GOBI PARTNERS invite Thai startups to compete in The Entrepreneurship World Cup, the first global stage in Thailand.
While the COVID-19 epidemic has led the world to adapt New normalization Many countries have expressed an urgent need to develop innovative business solutions to accelerate the recovery of the domestic economy.
20 Sep 2020

While the COVID-19 epidemic has led the world to adapt New normalization Many countries have expressed an urgent need to develop innovative business solutions to accelerate the recovery of the domestic economy.

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After its success in 2019, The Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) is back again, aiming to meet the needs of countries around the world. Find young people with start-up ideas that meet the needs of the stimulus of the COVID era and compete on the largest global stage and have the list of the most participating countries at the moment Those who have qualified for the round of 100 teams from around the world will be selected to win a prize of US $ 1 million (approximately US $ 31 million) and receive a total of US $ 75 million (approximately US $ 2 billion) in other support.

In the past year, The Entrepreneurship World Cup has garnered a lot of attention from competitors from 187 countries and this year marks the first time that a start-up from Thailand will join a competition of talent on a global stage with The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Thailand acted as the main partner in organizing the competition.

Gobi Partners, a pan-Asian venture capital firm, has partnered with GEN Thailand with the aim of hosting a series of webinars (available at, inviting talented entrepreneurs and Maine to Terry that understands the growth factor not just nationally but globally. They provide advice and insights to help competitors develop their full potential and have the right tools to succeed in a rapidly changing economic landscape as the COVID-19 epidemic situation has been developed. Has led the world to adapt to the new normal

Suwanchai Lohwattanakul, President of Global Entrepreneurship Network (Thailand), said, “This is a great opportunity for startups and Thai businesses to share their one and hear business ideas from other participants. I am honored to be a part of this year's EWC. ”

Khun Charinee Kalayanamit, Partner at Gobi Partners, commented further on the competition. “TheEntrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) is a great platform for Thailand to show the world how. How far has our startups come and how far can we develop? Gobi Partners is proud to be hosting Thailand's first national EWC competition and using our Asian investment experience to help them raise the bar. Thai startups to be stronger "

In this year 2020, the Entrepreneurship World Cup officially accepts applications for Thailand representatives from today. The finalists from Thailand will be awarded an AWS credit worth up to $ 10,000 ($ 300,000) from the AWS Activate Program, a program organized to help startups with technical and beyond. To help startups grow their businesses

The World Finals will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From October 18 - 20, 2020, those who qualify for the top five teams will receive In-Cash Support prizes. Participants are also eligible for knowledge support and other assistance. (In-Kind Support) as follows

1. Shenzen Prize:  Finalists of the 40 teams will receive a special Shenzen Prize, a package that will help guide startups looking to expand their business model to China. Through a network of Global EntrepreneurshipNetwork In cooperation with the Shenzhen city government Through the International Youth Innovation Conference Details of this package include

  • Assisting to buy land or to expand a business in China.
  • Investment and financial connection
  • Consulting on local laws and policies
  • Team building and recruiting
  • Intellectual Property Services
  • Technology transfer service
  • Free booth for exhibition in International Youth Innovation Conference (IYIC) in Shenzhen 2020.
  • Global profile building opportunities

2. EWC Global Finalist In-Kind Support + Services:  Top 100 Finalists from around the world will receive a total prize valued of over US $ 20 million (In-Kind Support), among others:

  • GSVlabs: Provides tools worth a total of US $ 200,000. For all finalists From partners such as Oracle Shopify Slack and Stripe.
  • Twilio: Provides free credit access to a cloud-based communication platform that allows developers to make calls, send and receive messages, and other communications via the webservice API.
  • HubSpot: Free credit for HubSpot Growth, software to help startups manage marketing, sales and customer service.
  • GEN Starters Club: Global Entrepreneurship Network grants GEN Starters Club membership to all finalists. Members will be connected to experienced global operators. Including advisors and investors Which will come to organize seminars to give knowledge every week

The EWC qualifying round in Thailand will be held on 29 August 2020, accepting applications for Thai startups from today until August 2, 2020. or read more details at

Travor Akwenye

| GEN Thailand