When is the right time to raise capital

Activity Description

Event Title: When is the right time to raise capital

Speaker: Michael Rabonza - Partner, Connecting Founders 

Date: 19th November, 1pm to 2pm (GMT+7)

Description: This session will take entrepreneurs through the key questions and steps to determine the value of their business – and why these are relevant from the investors’ point of view.  Familiarity with these concepts will help entrepreneurs make the right decisions for their business when it comes to growth and financing and make sure that they do not leave money on the table.

Core Concepts:

  • Business validation: what is my breakeven point? 
  • Funding plan: how much do I need to expand my business? 
  • Financing strategy: How much am I willing to pay to fund growth? 

Register: https://bit.ly/rabonza