Gerçek Leads GEN Turkey as Acting Managing Director
Photo Credit: Hilal Gerçek, Acting Managing Director, GEN Turkey
Hilal Gerçek, who has been deeply engaged in GEN programming in Turkey since 2018, has joined the organization as the Acting Managing Director for GEN Turkey.
25 May 2021

The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) is pleased to announce that Hilal Gerçek has joined the organization as the Acting Managing Director for GEN Turkey, effective October 1, 2020.   

Gerçek is leading GEN Turkey’s work with employer organizations, regional and national policymakers and universities to enhance Turkey’s national entrepreneurial ecosystem in support of its entrepreneurs. She will share local best practices globally and bring new ideas back to those in her country.  

“When we look at Turkey’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, we see a rapidly developing, dynamic structure that supports each other and includes individuals and institutions open to innovation,” said Gerçek. “At GEN Turkey, we aim to bring together the rich intellectual knowledge of GEN with the potential of our ecosystem.” 

Under Gerçek’s leadership, GEN Turkey will run several programs including the country’s Entrepreneurship World Cup competition, Global Entrepreneurship Week campaign and a series of working groups to increase support for entrepreneurs while strengthening the national entrepreneurship ecosystem. Topics for these working groups include the global entrepreneurship ecosystem, entrepreneurial culture and communication, policies, support mechanisms, education and research.  

Gerçek, who has been deeply engaged in GEN programming in Turkey since 2018 including the Global Entrepreneurship Congress and Global Entrepreneurship Week, is supported by a Board of Directors chaired by angel investor and entrepreneur Nevzat Aydın. 

“GEN Turkey was established to increase the number of entrepreneurs in the world, creating comprehensive and inclusive entrepreneur ecosystems and sharing our knowledge in this area with the 180 countries that are members of GEN’s network,” said Aydın. “We will carry out our work to fulfill our responsibility within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which consists of a cycle and must act as a whole.” 

Meet the rest of GEN Turkey’s leadership and their vision for the future:  

  • Gülden Yılmaz, Vice Chairperson of GEN Turkey’s Board;  
    CBO at Koton Mağazacılık:  
    “As GEN Turkey, we aim to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem by creating awareness among entrepreneurs with the programs we will carry out. With these programs, we will bring together entrepreneurs with successful role models locally and globally, inform them about the programs carried out in Turkey and in the world and support them with mentoring programs. I am also here to support the spread of entrepreneurship culture in our country and the creation and growth of enterprises that will create employment and added value.” 

  • Hande Çilingir, Vice Chairperson of GEN Turkey’s Board; 
    Co-founder and CEO of Insider:  
    “One of our strategic goals is to bring successful entrepreneurs in our country together with other entrepreneurs who have made a difference with their success on a global scale. We aim to increase the number of entrepreneurs coming out of Turkey and opening up Turkey to the globe. While aiming to build a bridge between the world's most important funds and Turkish entrepreneurs, we want to encourage entrepreneurs to think globally. Turkey and Turkish entrepreneurs have great potential to compete with their global rivals and to create the best high-tech and software companies in the world. With the support of GEN's global network and programs, I am also here to reveal the potential of these entrepreneurs.” 

  • Sezai Hazır, Vice Chairperson of GEN Turkey’s Board;  
    President, Habitat Association:  
    “At Habitat Association, we have been aiming for the development and strengthening of the ecosystem for entrepreneurship for 25 years, and we have been carrying out projects and programs for the formation of new collaborations in this context. The establishment of GEN Turkey is an indicator of the success of those efforts. I am proud to help lead the establishment of GEN Turkey to establish a bridge of communication between an entrepreneur in Turkey and another entrepreneur in the other part of the world.”  

  • Göktekin Dinçerler, Vice Chairperson of GEN Turkey’s Board; 
    Director at Turkven Private Equity:  
    “As GEN Turkey, one of our strategic goals is to work towards the production and development of entrepreneurship policies. I believe we can develop the policies in our country with the support of the programs and activities carried out by GEN. In addition to the programs, I am also here to produce solution proposals for the Turkish ecosystem and entrepreneurship policies, benefiting from the experiences of 180 countries in the GEN network.” 

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