Tink Global Entrepreneurship Conference

Activity Description

Tink, Technology and Humanity Colleges in Turkey has redefined the fundamental approach to educational delivery with four key actions: eliminate artificial barriers between business and pre-college schooling, invent flexible educational pathways and credentials that recognize continual learning, reinvent the physical presence of school for a worldwide population of learners, and provide networks of advisors and mentors that serve the lifetime needs of Tink students and staff.

Innovation is required for each of these steps to be successful.

An integral part of delivering on the promise of the Tink Commitment is a set of initiatives that are aimed at closing knowledge gaps, prototyping new products and services, and building technological infrastructure that enables this broad expansion of Tink’s mission.

Tink, Technology and Humanity Colleges, is the first and leading applied technology mid to high schools in Turkey. Based on its uniquely designed curriculum and e-learning platform Tink has converted 21st century skills training to students’ academic curricula. 

We are inviting you to a day long conference where educators, entrepreneurs and students will be discussing how technological innovation contributes to higher levels of economic output and can deliver new goods and services that change human lives and capabilities.