Activity Description

St. Mary's College Kisubi (SMACK) is a private, boarding middle and high school located in Wakiso District in the Central Region of Uganda.

About Us


The SMACK league is a social networking cause for old boys of St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK), their families and friends that is packaged as a soccer league.


To make the SMACK Old Boy fraternity a cohesive robust, mutually supportive and healthy community that can positively impact the society.


To create a Strong and vibrant fraternity that is constantly in close contact with its members with the aim of creating opportunities for its member and influencing society positively while staying physically fit.


  1. To enable the participants interact, keep in touch and share vital information like business opportunities.
  2. To create, maintain and avail a platform for mutual business support.
  3. To create and nurture a vibrant and strong fraternity that will go to the level of providing the required social support for its members.
  4. To bolster and increase the outreach of SMACKOBA through providing a platform that allows for regular meeting and engagement.
  5. To ensure that the members are healthy and fit through participating in the soccer games.