CELEBRATE | November 21, 2019


Newton Buteraba - GEW Uganda Conference 2019
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For his 9th birthday, his dad bought him a “magic” bicycle with no handbrakes. One had to cycle it anti-clockwise for it to brake. He went to the playing field with the bicycle and everyone wanted a turn to ride. But people would end up falling as they were not used to its braking system. One day his cousin advised him that if many people are falling off the bike, it was bound to get spoilt and he would struggle to repair it if he did not have money.
There and then, a money idea was born.
The next day he charged 200 shillings per lap at the pitch. On average he collected 5000 shillings every day. He made so much money as a 9-year old in those days that going to school felt somewhat nonsensical.

This was my first HOW moment, and oh boy, it felt good.

But the bike business died a natural death the following year when he was carted off to boarding school. "Trust me, I protested vehemently, pointing my parents to all that money that I would lose at the playing field while in boarding school. It appears my rant was effective." - Newton Buteraba


And during the #GEW celebrations week, Newton Buteraba has been the designated M/C of the 2-day conference and exhibition, he has provided free financial literacy, business identification and growth services.

Mary is is the Acting MD for GEN Uganda. She is a fellow of the Association Of Certified Chartered Accountants UK. She has been coordinating GEW… About the author