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Definition Of Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal refers to the process of elaborating, writing and proposing a request for a subsidy. The act of writing a GRANT APPLICATION comes from a NON-PROFIT whose purpose is to find a financing source. On the other hand, the act of receiving, examining and awarding the grant is carried out by a FOUNDATION or a private companies. The purpose, in this case, is to deliver a social impact, generate a positive image or (for foundations)  pursuing its own core business.


About Us

Science education in Uganda (and many African countries) has been reduced to teaching enough theory to simply pass exams. Practical, problem-based learning and experimentation has fallen by the wayside.

This leads to poor overall classroom performance, poor skills development, low job & career prospects and ultimately, weak economic development.

Fundi Bots is intervening by working with schools and communities to provide hands-on, practical STEM / general science education in classrooms and communities.

Our mission is to use robotics training in African schools to create and inspire a new generation of problem solvers, innovators and change-makers.

VISION: To transform Africa through science


About Us;

A community organization promoting Entrepreneurship Education and skills development of rural women and girls in Uganda to improve their economic opportunities to succeed.