Emotional management as a new way of management


In the event, consider:
🎯 What is EQ?
🎯 Development stages of your own EQ and useful techniques.
🎯 How to develop your EQ?
🎯 What is emotional management (EM)?
EM Basic EM techniques for working with a team.

Who will find useful and interesting lecture:
βœ” leaders (teams, startups);
βœ” managers of different levels for the development of new personnel management tools;
βœ” HR professionals, for a deeper understanding of employee motivation;
Β βœ” SME owners to find new ways to solve sales and marketing issues;
Β βœ” To all interested in personal growth and development of new qualities.

πŸ“’ Speaker:
Ulyana Kulikova is the head of the Profi educational site, founder of the Profi Fashion project, instructor of the Ukrainian Yoga Federation, Forbes columnist, one of the inspirational inspirers and organizers of the Free Humans Fest.

Warning! Seating is limited. You must purchase your ticket in advance at the link: bit.ly/2WlMR78